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Valve unveiled the Steam Deck last month. This is a portable gaming device that allows you to play your PC game library on the go. People have been very excited about this device since its announcement and it is interesting to see what we have learned since its announcement.

The latest news comes from interviews PC gamer I was with a Steam Deck designer Greg Coomer.. You could dock your Steam deck to connect more peripherals and external monitors (such as a TV), but it’s now clear that docking your device doesn’t change the amount of power your users can access. rice field. When asked if the team considered it, Coomer said:

Yes, but we didn’t choose to make it a really high priority design target … everything that wouldn’t change based on docking status or mobile status is actually better felt.

We really wanted to prioritize using it with what we considered to be the highest use case that is actually mobile. So I focused on that, so I chose it like a threshold for the machine to work properly, and in that scenario I used a good frame rate for AAA games. I didn’t think we should also target tracking dock scenarios at higher resolutions. I wanted a simpler design target and prioritize it.

What this means is that Steam Deck users don’t have that luxury, unlike the Nintendo Switch, which has more power access when docked. The team prioritized mobile games with a goal of at least 30 fps for certain games with native 800p screens. This means that when connected to a TV or other monitor, users may find it struggling to run the game at higher resolutions. Since the device is basically a PC, gamers can adjust the settings to find the best performance, but this is a bit tricky.

Doesn’t improve Steam deck performance when docked — GeekTyrant

https://geektyrant.com/news/nujhv0d63jagzjf2mv30j4r47wmvit-mm3xc-m5c36-ssmgd-4zxep Doesn’t improve Steam deck performance when docked — GeekTyrant

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