Dogs play Halo Infinite, Minecraft on Microsoft Holiday Ads

Microsoft’s holiday ads are turning in the direction this year as distracted pet owners’ families focus on a variety of Microsoft products rather than dogs. Oh, poor Rufus. However, Rufus takes full advantage of the situation and dreams of his own adventure with a furry friend.

Rufus, the dog, visits a playing teenage boy and begins traveling through the house. Halo Infinite — Initially, the Xbox Series X was scheduled for release, but it was postponed to 2021. After zeroing pets from him, Rufus leaves to find a more grateful human. Then use Microsoft Teams to find a human mom and receive the only pet in the entire ad.He later finds his other two humans playing Mine Craft And Microsoft Flight Simulator..

Disappointed, Rufus looked out the window and found Sam, a fellow dog living next door. Sam probably had a similar trip at his home. After Rufus falls asleep in front of the window, we chase his dream. Here Rufus is living his best life (although he hasn’t received a pet yet, despite playing fetch well).

Rufus imagines himself and his new companion Sam flying in the sky Microsoft Flight simulator Before they fall into an idyllic place Mine Craft World — Equipped with a huge fire hydrant. But even Rufus can’t get away from work in a dream as he and Sam take him to the Microsoft team to meet Luther, Gunner, Ruby, Luka, Piper and more.

I don’t think D-Dog has done this for Venom Snake.
Image: Microsoft / YouTube

Finally, Rufus and Sam do a fetch with the Master Chief to help Spartan recover the “misplaced” live grenade a while back.

The ad ends with the message “Find your joy this holiday.” But here at Polygon, I would like to add a line that says “And take good care of your pet.”

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