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Espargaro endured another tough qualifying session on his second Qatar expedition and started in 15th place, but was able to head to the lead group at a pace sufficient to fight for victory.

However, Honda riders made “two big mistakes” late in the game. When he ran wide on Turn 1 and left the Doha GP in 13th place.

Espargaro believes he lost about four seconds at the start due to a bad start position and admits that not putting the whole weekend together is a “pain” given the speed at Honda.

“In performance, the lap times during the race were better than expected, and Honda is very happy because he will be fighting for the podium at Race Space or for the victory here in Qatar. I think, “said Espargaro.

“But as a result, I’m certainly not happy.

“I made two big mistakes and got out of the top six. Today I could be in 7th and 6th place and finished in 13th place.

“So I hate the results when I check the rankings, but when I check all the races, the rhythm, overtaking from the starting point, is certainly more than I expected.

“So it feels great. We feel good because we are fast, I have speed.

“The problem is that I couldn’t put everything together. It’s a pain.”

Pol Espargaro, Repsol Honda Team

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Espargaro is confident in the potential of the bike and is confident that if Honda can improve the RC213V in qualifying trim, it will be able to fight for the 2021 championship.

“Well, at this point, it was one of the worst places on the track Honda ever,” he added.

There was no session that said, “Okay, okay pace, okay lap time.”

“Still, I was one of the fastest in the race, so I felt like I was sitting on the best bike on the grid.

“We need to put everything together. We need a good Saturday. This will make us the top of the time attack list.

“So if I started in the first two rows and started there today, I would certainly have finished on the podium.

Read again:

“But the problem starts on the 15th and loses 4 seconds in the first 3 or 4 laps.

“And it was 2.2 seconds before the first mistake. [behind]So, I usually have a hard time with Honda, and I have regained a considerable amount of time where I am not good at Honda.

“Our performance was great. The only problem is that we haven’t put it all together.

“But I’m eager to be a world champion at the end of the year, but I have to put everything together from Saturday.

“If we improve Saturday, we can fight for the podium in every race.”

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Doha MotoGP round “disgusting” finishes 13th Doha MotoGP round “disgusting” finishes 13th

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