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The current half of WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Dolph Ziggler has accessed social media via Twitter to congratulate his brother Ryan Nemeth, who recently made his debut in the “Hollywood Hank” persona at AEW Dynamite. Nemes played against his opponent, Hangman’s Adam Page, but Ziggler couldn’t control how proud he was by tweeting:

“I can’t believe Ryan’s brother Nick’s brother, Hollywood Hank, made his debut at AEW Dynamite! Great job! + He played a more hellish match than I did with SmackDown! Congratulations! Masu @HotYoungBriley (Can I borrow money?”

In addition, Ziggler also secretly responded to Ziggler’s generation of wrestlers to fans who jabed that Ziggler had an ironic reaction to “no personality.”

“I couldn’t agree anymore. Everyone smokes. Except during the Attitude Era (when wrestling begins and ends).”

In other news about “Show Off,” the former Intercontinental Champion revealed that the 2011 Royal Rumble match against Edge was his favorite Royal Rumble moment. He told WWE Bump:

“There used to be a royal rumble that fought Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship. I went one-on-one to open the royal rumble. I knew I had no chance to win and the whole audience knew Edge had learned a lot in the past from traveling with him, and his rivalry has grown so great that his work is so wonderful.[I knew] At that time, I was a feasible enemy against him. “

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Dolph Ziggler mocking WWE products and praising AEW Dolph Ziggler mocking WWE products and praising AEW

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