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This off-season Miami Dolphins And made two transactions Las Vegas Raiders, Both trades will use the 2021 4th round pick. In the first trade, linebacker Raekwon Macmillan and a fifth round pick were sent to the Raiders, making a choice for the fourth round. A few days later, Miami sent the pick back to the Raiders for a wide receiver, Limbowden Jr., and a sixth round pick. Now that Miami is preparing to play against the Raiders in a Saturday night match, they are also preparing to play against a former starting linebacker.

Miami chose McMillan in the second round 2017 NFL draft..The· Ohio The product was soon connected to Miami’s defense as a starting linebacker, and although he appears to be a starting middlelinebacker, of three linebackers to ensure versatility and prove his value. I work to learn all the roles. However, at the opening kick-off of the team’s first pre-season game, McMillan ran down the field on a kick-coverage mission, tore the ACL, and ended before the rookie season actually began.

Returning in 2018, McMillan regained his position as the team’s first middle linebacker and teamed up with Kiko Alonso and rookie Jerome Baker, a teammate at Ohio State University in McMillan. He started all 16 games that year, scoring 105 tackles, 1 pass defense, 2 forced fumbles and 1 fumble recovery. McMillan showed his value as a linebacker to stop running, but was vulnerable to path coverage and blitzkrieg assignments. However, working next to Baker, the two seemed to complement each other perfectly.

In 2019, McMillan played 13 games and played 12 times. He then landed on the injured list due to a hamstring injury in the 15th week. He recorded 72 tackles in one-pass defense this season.

Entering 2020, Dolphins made some moves on linebackers. For example, Kyle Van Neu, Elandon Roberts, Shak Lawson, and Kam Gruje Hill have joined the free agents. McMillan continued to fight for the first role in the lineup, but the additional variety showed a special role again when the run stopped, eventually he lost his starting position and was traded to the Raiders. It was. summer.

McMillan has been primarily a special team player since joining the Raiders, but has been deeply involved in defense for the past few weeks, including last week’s best 28 snaps of the season. He has made more than 14 appearances twice and recorded 14 tackle and defensive forced fumbles this season.

“”I was happy to get out there and show off my talent“McMillan said Wednesday by Levidamian of Raiders Wire. “I’m more leading by the type of person I’m in, so I’ve been quiet all the time here in Las Vegas, trying to get to know the team and trying to get people to know me, but there. go out [Thursday night]It was so cool to be able to show my true feelings in the field with my team. “

After the Raiders put middle linebacker Nick Kuwaitkoski on the COVID-19 list, McMillan was able to see additional play time this week as well.

How does the additional play time for his previous team affect the linebacker? “It’s a lot of familiar faces, but it’s just another game for me,” Damian explained, McMillan. “Of course, I’ll be excited to meet them, play against them, and compete with them. Some of my longtime friends, Jerome Baker, I’m with him in Ohio. There was, and others, Zavien Howard and Bobby McCain, were on the defensive side. It’s nice to see them, but I’m ready to compete to win. “

“Oh yeah, when it comes to’Kwon’, that’s exactly my brother there,” Baker said when asked about keeping in touch with Macmillan. “I talk to him almost every week. We always just talk and catch up. I’m really excited to see him. I’m sure I’ll see him play and do him. I’m excited. I’m definitely excited. “

McMillan is a solid player who can impact the game, especially if Miami is trying to achieve the same success as last week’s rush attack. New England Patriots.. If you are in a hurry against McMillan, it will directly affect the power of the linebacker. Does Miami regret the linebacker deal? Will McMillan continue to be a footnote to the Raiders box score, or is it ready for a breakout against the Dolphins?

Dolphins and Raiders will kick off Saturday night at 8:15 EST.

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Dolphin meets a familiar face at Raekwon McMillan Dolphin meets a familiar face at Raekwon McMillan

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