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Davie, Florida- Miami Dolphins Wide receiver Devante Parker I looked up at the window at the Nicklaus Childrens Hospital in Miami when a group of seriously ill children and their families leaned against the window and looked back with a big laugh.

During some of the most difficult moments of their lives, Parker was trying to give children a reason to be happy, and after Parker announced the “Uncle Vante” hospital, which was inspired by his own cartoons. A lot of happy tears were shed on the morning of December 8th A gown worn by children.

Parker is often a reserved individual and is effectively streamed to pediatric patients at a press conference on Tuesday on television in their room about how his digital cartoons can help share his personality. I told you.

The black gown is made of pajamas-like material (soft, heavy, medical-grade double wrapping) and features colorful animated photographs of Parker and his fictional nephew “Pee Wee”. This is a homage to his comics published on social media this summer. Gowns help children who are fans of dolphins change the horrifying moments when they have to undress in preparation for hospitalization, surgery, or major procedures. Parker, 27, wants the gown to help in a small but important way when a patient faces a medical battle.

“The gown was cool, but it was best to watch DeVante on TV and then through my window,” Jayden, 7, said.

Parker, agent Jimmy Gould, and bank adviser Thomas Fox buy 1,200 custom “Uncle Vante” gowns and partner with the Starlight Children’s Foundation to deliver them to eight children’s hospitals in South Florida. I did. Starlight regularly designs Disney’s special gowns, but the Uncle Vante gowns are unique, especially in that they appeal to teenagers and sports enthusiasts. Parker’s hope is to realize the second wave of “Uncle Vante” gowns that will be distributed by June 2021.

“I’ve always loved manga to this day, and’SpongeBob SquarePants’ is my favorite show. It was a lot of fun to launch my manga series and I enjoyed watching the characters come back to life. I was there, “Parker said. “But we are most proud to use cartoons to smile on the faces of children suffering from various illnesses.”

Smiles from children like Jayden make Parker’s mission a reality.

This “Uncle Vante” journey began in May when marketing agent Alexander Eigen thought about creating Parker’s cartoons. Eigen contacted Gould, who has a background in filmmaking in Hollywood, and partnered with Dolphins’ first round of 2015 picks to form the “Uncle Vante” brand. The series provides a fun way to realize Parker’s love for comics, while providing a platform for Dolphins’ longest-serving players (since 2015) to give back to the community.

The character Pee Wee, an annoying, curious and loving nephew derived from the cartoon idea of ​​Lil Penny Hardaway, was created to further enhance Parker’s personality.Parker says dolphin teammates and wide receivers Jakim Grant The actual inspiration for PeeWee.

“Thanks to him for doing something based on our friendship and brotherhood,” Grant said. “I’m always tinkering with DeVante. I’m bigger than him, I’m better than him, just tell him that the typical” Unc “and” Neph “continue to roll. I’m trying. .. Everyone loves it. It’s just that we played. I think it just exploded. “

Throughout four episodes of the season, the manga introduced the NBA star’s animated guest features Dangero Russell, ESPN Reporter Adam Chefter and Grant. Shows range in length from 1 minute 15 seconds to 2 minutes 10 seconds, perfect for Twitter and Instagram. Parker is a creator and producer, narrating himself. Gould and Eigen are contributed by a few others to write the episodes and are produced by the executives.

“Early, I wasn’t very well known as a talkative type, but now I’m trying to give it a little more personality,” Parker said. “Many people want to attend the show. That’s a big deal for me.”

It brings us back to the moment in the hospital. NFL players often talk about heritage on the field, but for Parker, this is his first taste of making something more meaningful than football.

Parker’s “Uncle Vante” gowns allow children to travel, many of whom are hospitalized after major accidents or fight cancer and heart problems, but Starlight CEO Adam Garoni recently said. I told him.

“The hospital in South Florida has a couple of kids every day and wears’Uncle Vante’gowns. They feel a little brave, a little stronger and a little happy thanks to you,” Garone said. Said. “Every day, take the time to think about the impact you have on the family you may never meet.”

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Dolphins Devante Parker brings a smile to pediatric patients in “Uncle Vante” gowns-NFL Nation Dolphins Devante Parker brings a smile to pediatric patients in “Uncle Vante” gowns-NFL Nation

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