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Ready to make history? Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War brings a spectacular comeback to one of the most thrilling and unforgettable video game series to date on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

There are three modes in this game. Exciting new stories in thrilling multiplayer mode, collaborative zombie mode, and inspirational single-player campaigns. These are all connected according to the theme.

With the available cross-play and cross-progression features, and a new progression system that combines multiplayer and zombies, players can play with their friends on any platform while winning the prestigious Prestige Master title each season. You can compete.

Get ready for the Black Ops experience.

motion: The Black Ops Cold War single-player experience is a direct sequel to the original Black Ops campaign and features a heart-wrenching story that includes the return of Alex Mason, Frankwoods, and Jason Hudson. In addition to playing as a mason, the Soviet agent Perseus is set to create his own operatives, join the CIA-led task force, and rebalance the Cold War after decades of dormancy. Find a global threat called. Missions within the campaign include a variety of playstyles, including close combat, stealth, and long-range combat scenarios.

Some tips will help reveal the Cold War plots that took place over the decades during the campaign.

1. There is no place left to run. This first mission serves as a great way to learn in-game mechanics such as aiming, firing, using equipment, getting covers, and moving. Take this opportunity to adjust the difficulty and learn the strengths and weaknesses of each individual with Alex Mason before creating the remaining campaign operatives.

2. Cyc-up for character creation. Cyc profiles are the most important part of creating your own operatives, until you can carry additional equipment from the damage buff. Spend a few minutes here exploring all the options to suit how you want to experience the current playthrough.

3. Recommended new player psychological profile.. If you lose strength frequently, or if you need a little buffer from premature death, creating one of the Psych Profiles Survivor will increase your health by 25%, and creating another Dependable will receive it at rest. Damage is reduced by 30%. ..

4. Don’t decline your chance to take down. Press and hold the melee command to trigger a takedown. In takedowns, you grab an enemy and use it as a shield, then defeat the enemy or throw it at an enemy group with explosive surprises. It is very effective against large groups of enemies and should be used whenever possible if coverage is limited.

Five.[コーナーなし]Leave off. In addition to protecting yourself from enemy soldiers, use this maxim when exploring campaigns, especially when it comes to dialogue options. Don’t hesitate to play the campaign and consider different ways to collect enemy information. Even if it means breaking the bones on the way …

Multiplayer: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s distinctive multiplayer experience offers a variety of fun and competitive modes with customizable loadouts and an improved progression system. Fight with members of the Call of Duty community in a variety of 6v6 goal modes, including various traditional multiplayer offerings such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, Free for All, and a brand new VIP escort. Return to control. Experience the thrill of 12v12 combat in a combined arms vehicle or team up with 3 other players to compete for supremacy on the largest map offered by a team of 10 with 4 operators. Experience the greatest multiplayer experience at.

Create-a-Class allows you to participate in battles with highly customizable loadouts. Comes with various field upgrades and wildcards that break the rules to suit your playing style. Accumulate eliminations and play objective play to earn score streaks. Score streaks range from villainous weapons to controllable aircraft that give devastating power to combat.

All the best information is needed for a successful denial operation.

1. Insights to create a class from the default loadout. The five pre-created loadouts provide a great example of how to create a solid custom loadout. If you’re not sure where to start your new custom loadout, borrow directly from the default loadout and then tweak it to your personal playstyle.

2. Combined Arms: Vehicles for victory. Given the size of the 12v12 combined arms map, consider using a small vehicle such as a dirt bike or wake runner to quickly move on to your next goal. Or, if the number of enemies is overwhelming, use large vehicles such as tanks and gunboats to bust open the enemy’s position and advance your squad.

3. Fireteam Dirty Bomb: Exploration leads to domination. Take the time to look at buildings and other notable areas of cache. The cash includes uranium, armor, as well as self-recovery kits and score streaks. You may want to dive into the battle right away, but a little exploration can easily change the course of a multi-team battle, not to mention giving you enough uranium to prepare and explode a dirty bomb. You can pack the tools you can into your team.

4. Fewer score streaks are better than no score streaks. If you’re having trouble getting a high-cost score streak, it’s not a shame to equip one that requires less score to get. Some, such as the Spyplane, benefit the entire team and provide additional XP for each supported teammate. Also, even a well-placed RC-XD can wipe out enemy squads swarming around the target.

5. Seasonal Fame: Your key to the right to brag. Have you won all the loadout items? good. Continue to level up and unlock seasoned weapon blueprints and legacy profile items throughout Season Prestige. Entering this progress pass unlocks new season challenges and offers additional calling card rewards to complete some of the game’s most difficult goals.

Zombies: In this co-op experience, you and up to three other operators act as agents for Requiem, a CIA-backed international response team led by Grigori Weaver, whose mission is to investigate and control supernatural anomalies around the world. Dodge the undead horror army.

While facing rival Omega groups, Soviet-led organizations are studying and potentially exploiting these anomalies, but Requiem agents undead upgradeable perks and Cold War zombie weapons. Use against the waves of the Soviet Union, and reveal decades-old secrets that could upset the world order.

Here you can also play the third installment of the Black Ops series co-op top-down arcade shooter! Dive into the match from the zombie menu with your team and survive as long as possible through challenging new arenas, open world spaces, bonus areas and randomly generated dungeons.

Finally, all PlayStation 4 and 5 players will first have access to Zombie Throat Bonus Mode when purchasing Black Ops Cold War. This two-player collaboration extends the zombie experience to multiplayer maps from locations around the world. Goal – Survive. Survive long enough and get exclusive rewards.

If you Really Watch out for advice from the Requiem team who want to master the zombie experience.

1. Remember: Progress will be taken over. As you level up in multiplayer, zombies will offer loadout items that will preserve all weapon experience and attachments between modes. The more you play either mode, the more weapons and abilities you can change the game, and the more you can reach the high round.

2. Mystery Box: Risk vs. Reward. Spending points on random weapons may seem dangerous, but the Mystery Box offers powerful new weapons, such as the iconic Reagan and weapons that are rarer than the ones you’re currently using. I have a chance. If you can afford it in later rounds, you can find the light in the sky and guide it to the mystery box to greatly improve your firepower. Keep in mind that for the first time, the higher the round, the higher the odds of the Mystery Box, which offers more rare weapons.

3. Follow the steps to achieve salvation. Die Maschine includes a handy on-screen step-by-step guide that activates all machines on the map Power on and upgrade powerful devices for Pack-a-Punch machines Helps to unlock. A weapon suitable for fighting the increasingly severe waves of the undead. In other words, achieving these first goals is critical to your success and is the key to setting up a high round run.

4. You don’t have to get off in battle. Completing the Exfil will reward you and your entire team for surviving the last horde and escaping the map. After calling Exfil, hurry up safely and finally fight the undead hordes again. You will be given a chance to earn bonus XP and Raw Aetherium Crystal to help you upgrade your skills.

5. Squad Rule Requiem rank. Zombies are built on co-op play. Use the new Location Ping system to grab friends or communicate frequently with random squads to help everyone handle higher rounds and break and open those complex Easter eggs.

Dominate Black Ops Cold War with Release Date Tips

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Post-Launch Content and War Zones: Black Ops Cold War is scheduled for a post-launch live season with a wealth of new post-release content that will be available to all players on all platforms at the same time for free. These live seasons will also accelerate the evolution of Warzone, featuring Black Ops Cold War operators.

Whether you like to blow up the undead with your friends, dominate in multiplayer, or embark on a global campaign, what is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for you? Bring Dive into action now on your PS4 or PS5.

Dominate in Black Ops Cold War with launch day tips

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