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Keith Lee spent a monumental 2020 at WWE, but it wasn’t without some problems along the way.

After losing the NXT Championship to Karion Cross, Lee was transferred to life on Monday night shortly after SummerSlam. His old theme song he played was abandoned and his appearance changed.

By talking to Bleacher Report, Lee talked about how his new music was born:

“That was another thing. Originally, honestly, I was a little confused. Get all the people who came to Raw who were still using old music. Be careful, none of them are their own. I didn’t play music. It makes more sense for me to keep using my music because I was the only one who did it. But it didn’t happen so they gave me something else Asked to use, and I did, and I tried to adapt as much as possible by putting the front of the song on that track, and it just had no mood [laughs].. It was rough, man! I did my best depending on the situation and thought, “I have to ride this until I understand something.” Man, like an explosion on the internet, it’s like, “I thought you were my friends! I think I’m starting to understand a few things here.” Between gear and music, I It was just destroyed. “

so Survivor series A few months later, Lee was able to debut new music to play himself again.

“I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have anything at all. At that point, I didn’t know I had to change the music, so I wasn’t ready for anything. Over time. , Behind-the-scenes people said, “Hey, you all have to let Keith do him,” and finally they said, “Well, you wrote something and maybe recorded it again. Do you think you can do it? “I said,” Yes, please give me OK. “It took me a while, but eventually I wrote something and became friends with the musician, and after a while, I used it now. What you have is actually a different version than what I wanted to use. As for what it is, I’m very happy to have at least what I wrote and played. “

Keith Lee also discussed changing his appearance for his live debut.

I wanted to do something different, but what I had was a trial version to see what it would look like. I was thinking of training, but I personally like the look of sleeveless shirts and I used to wear them. I didn’t care about it. Shorts, it was a flop and no one knew it would be because they were in a hurry. From the side, it wasn’t too bad. Seen from the front, this situation seemed unfavorable and unpleasant. As soon as I wore it, “This was all, I’m sorry. I wasn’t ready.” Nobody really cares, it was just a laugh for me and the boy, but the fans , It was like “Oh, my god!” “Okay, I made the boys laugh at night and tried these things. I committed, but I knew I was switching the moment I wore it. As soon as the match was over, I Sent a text message to the lady in gear, “Hey, we had to get these shorts back. These shorts aren’t going to cut it, so I have to move the tights. She said, “Already it!” She was a lover, and I thanked her. Because the busyness of being in Raw was unmanageable. “

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Dominik Mysterio Project Moves to Florida for More Training Dominik Mysterio Project Moves to Florida for More Training

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