Don Cheadle remembers Golden Palace co-star Betty White

Don Cheadle co-starred with Betty White at the Golden Palace, a short-lived spin-off of the Golden Girls.

Golden palace

The world is in mourning after the recent death Betty White, One of her co-stars Golden palace Joined many others in honor of the legend of late comedy.rear Golden girls White finished his practice in 1992 and replayed his role as Rose Nylund in a spin-off, alongside Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo and Rue McClanahan as Blanche Devereaux.Cheech Marin is one of the cast’s newcomers to fill the gap in Beer Arthur’s absence. Don Cheadle..

“Betty was the best, the best,” Cheadle said in honor of Twitter after her death. “When we were filming the scene together, it was difficult for the DP to properly match the lights between my chocolate and Betty’s white! She was a ghost or I was a shadow. I was one day. Coming to the set, Betty darkened her make-up / trimmed her hair a bit to accommodate it. No one asked her to do so. That’s just one example of her generosity. I The dog also thanked her. She gave us the veterinary record we’ve seen to this day. She’s the goldenst of all of them and will be missed forever. ”

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Golden palace Served as a direct continuation of Golden girlsFollowing a major female after leaving Miami’s home, after Bea Arthur’s Dorothy Zubornak got married. Putting the character in a whole new environment, Rose, Sophia and Blanche now run hotels in Miami. Cheech Marin played the hotel manager Roland Wilson, and Cheech Marin also starred as Sophia and co-chef Chui Castillos. This series was run for only one season from 1992 to 1993.

Betty White died on New Year’s Eve, enjoying her 100th birthday this month. On January 17, she celebrates her 100th anniversary and the milestone birthday celebration at the theater will be screened at the theater on the same day. Despite the death of the legendary television, the producers of the event confirmed that the special celebration had progressed as planned and is now functioning as a monument.

“Today, our hearts mourn Betty White’s death,” he said. Betty White: 100 Years — Birthday Celebration Producers Steve Betcher and Mike Trinkline. “We have been working with her for many years, but Betty has had great love and admiration as a person and as a seasoned entertainer. She pleases everyone for decades. Thank you for that. Betty always said she was. ” As long as she did, she was the luckiest to have a career at 2 feet. And to be honest, we were the lucky ones who had her for a long time. ”

Golden palace Is set to start streaming on Hulu on January 10, 2021. In the meantime, you can use Bing to catch more of White’s execution as Rose Nylund. Golden girls, You can also watch it with a streamer.You can check out to celebrate White’s 100th anniversary on the big screen Betty White: 100 Years — Birthday Celebration When it was screened at the theater on January 17th Fathom Events..

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Don Cheadle remembers Golden Palace co-star Betty White

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