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Imagine what anxiety would be if China set up a military base in Mexico. The United States has military bases in Japan and South Korea, and clearly does not impress the Chinese who consider it a world power on par with Russia. World War II between Japan and the United States is today a companion, even after civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki dropped nuclear bombs.

Forget that China (or any other country) will set up a base in Mexico (or near the Americas) … If so, the United States runs the risk of nuclear annihilation just to point out.

It is neither theoretical nor rhetorical, they did it when the Soviets sent some nuclear weapons to Cuba in the 1950s. Despite what Kevin Costner’s Thirteen Days portray, JFK is pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war just to see the Soviets blink.

And why did the Soviet Union send nuclear weapons to Castro? They are about to draw attention as they are informed that JFK has ordered another invasion of Cuba. And Khrushchev and his companions are on a B52 orbiting their homeland because the United States has nuclear weapons pointing to them from Turkey … so why can’t they make a tit for tat?

Well, only Yank can put out a nipple … but no one else can put on a nipple.


As for Japan and South Korea being America and Buddy / Buddy … it’s not. That is, the leadership of these countries must appear to be partners with the United States, but do so when they are deployed to run a colony.

An analyst I read a few years ago told Japan (and perhaps South Korea) a hardline “patriotism” promoting war and instability in the region to make excuses to build up its army. He said that there was a person. (Again) and the arms industry … hopes it has the opportunity to weaken US grip and regain more independence, if not perfect.

Most politicians (states : D) Not enough ability to navigate these delicate operations. It’s good that the United States isn’t run by his imperial presidency, as Trump is so unprepared and incapable.

But see how he struggles with the general and the war parade, and choose either a general or a wall banker, a millionaire, and sycophants to meet his administration … Decline … and autumn.

Donald Trump Story | Australian Equity Forum Donald Trump Story | Australian Equity Forum

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