“Don’t let anyone say we didn’t succeed.”

Co-producer, executive producer and showrunner Linda Yvette Chavez shared her thoughts after the Netflix drama was cancelled.


Latin drama news Gentefied Cancel Netflix It hit the creator family and everyone involved in the show, of course, hard. Fans will definitely miss the life of the Morales family, as their three cousins ​​struggle to realize the American dream.Linda Yvette Chavez, co-producer, executive producer, showrunner GentefiedFollowing Netflix’s decision to cancel the show after two seasons, I shared a personal essay on Friday.

The drama follows a humble Mexican-American family that includes the Morales family, patriarch Pops (Hoa Kinkosio) and his grandchildren Eric Morales (JJ Soria), Chris (Carlos Santos), and Anna (Carry Martin Luckney). increase. Los Angeles city. These three cousins ​​(Eric, Anna, and Chris) chase the American dream in Los Angeles, but the same dream threatens what they value most: the neighborhood, the immigrant grandfather, and the family taco shop. ..

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Season 2 of the final story is a “model immigrant” who wants to do the right thing, and the possibility of deportation of pop by emphasizing the struggle to give the next generation the best opportunity. Dive into the story Available.


Chavez, who co-produced the show, was a co-showrunner and executive producer, and shared a fairly heartfelt message when Netflix announced the cancellation. It was a sad moment, but it was the pride she felt part of her message on social media. Gentefied..She shared some personal essays about her feelings twitter When Instagram, She combined with a quote by her beloved Teddy Roosevelt. “Like Morales’s family, wherever we go, we are always a family,” she added.

She wrote:

In a world where revolutionary art is commoditized, we need to rethink how we evaluate it … metrics and algorithms measure the true impact of what we have done here. Never … reach and what seeds we planted for the change of the world, but we do the job anyway …

Don’t let anyone say we didn’t succeed. We blew up the brick wall and informed ourselves. … Como Los Morales, wherever we go, we are always a family.

Chavez also praised how the show’s cast and crew praised, “emphasizing those who were often left behind-whether it was a face that rarely appeared on the screen. , Color directors rarely seen on the set, rarely given the opportunity to be led by a department head, or empowered by a writer to be recognized for his first achievement. “

Gentefied will be cancelling the first Netflix series in 2022

The Latin comedy drama Gentefied was canceled by Netflix after just two seasons due to its low audience.

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“Don’t let anyone say we didn’t succeed.”

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