Don’t miss Dankey’s YouTube joke about garbage game videos

If you ask someone who creates high quality video game content on YouTube, you might see names like NakeyJakey, Errant Signal, Mega64, and of course, my personal favorite monotonous comedian Dunkey. there is.Still, these beloved channels are much smaller when compared to YouTube’s larger gaming channels such as Markiplier and DanTDM., From both an audience and output perspective.

I’m not trying to be mean here. All of this is what Dankey recently brought to the forefront of the conversation with a provocative upload titled “I’m Done Making Good Videos.” In this video, YouTuber is pulling back the curtain on content creation for his channel. Many of them are jokingly off, but everything he says is at the heart of the truth. It’s one of the most outspoken and stunning YouTubers created in 2020.

“I’m looking around the current YouTube situation, but I can’t see the future of my type of video anymore,” Dunkey begins. “As an artist, that pursuit of being the best is good for your soul, but not really good for your bank account. Uncle Dankey is old, and I’m mine. Mental health, I have to start thinking about my family, and how do I start making some money from this channel? For years, I’ve been pedaling completely, I still can’t keep up. “

He goes on to say that despite his efforts, he’s struggling to make four videos a month, especially compared to the channels he uploads daily. Some larger channels do more than that.

Of course, the difference is that large channels often hire an entire team to assist with certain aspects of content creation, from editing to YouTube optimization. Carefully crafted videos may have made early YouTube appealing, but if you really want to make money right now, grinds and churn are inevitable.And even if the team supports you, almost everyone will play Mine Craft At some point, even if they vow to never do so. That’s what you have to do to survive.

This is a particularly interesting place. In that same video, Dankey states that in order to make more money, he will start outsourcing some of the tedious work of video creation and adopt a new format that has proven to work on the platform. That’s a joke — no company lists him as a hired aid.And the content he describes, such as “drama” coverage Mine Craft Video is not the standard fare for Dankey. At the time, he seemed to point out the types of videos the platform likes to promote and what they tend to see on YouTube’s “Trends” page.

But then Dunkey actually went ahead and uploaded exactly what he said, according to the schedule he suggested. But if you click on it, you’ll see that these are also part of the gag. For example, technically, I used face cams to create reaction videos, but the footage is very short and ends after the poster inadvertently falls to the ground.The· Mine Craft Video with Clickbait title reminiscent of “”Uber driver sucked me ?? “ Meme, Actually about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate..And that Among us The video features ridiculous 1v1 content that takes turns asking if the player is a scammer, and the round ends shortly after the start. They are not great videos in their own right.

And do you know what the wild is? Quality didn’t matter.All these videos ran Better More than what Dankey usually uploads, some of which are hitting YouTube’s “Trends” page. Despite being a joke, and definitely made for the lowest common denominator.

Dankey’s wife Lear told Polygon in an email (jokingly) that content creators could summarize his feelings about stunts while he was too busy to answer questions due to the new schedule.

Overall, he is dissatisfied with the current YouTube situation and worried about the future. It’s going well now, but things can change rapidly as the mega channels uploaded daily are constantly taking over. His new upload schedule was born, coupled with the sad feelings he and other channels put a lot of thought and effort into the video, casting a shadow over the latest trends and less effort.

Meanwhile, the comments below Dunkey’s latest video do a great job of summarizing how embarrassing the entire scheme is.

“To be honest, it’s cheerful and sad. His old videos usually played an average of 1 million times a week, but these new troll episodes have become a trend each time with little effort. “I will,” said one comment.

“I love making a lot of money while mocking his broken system,” said another.

At some point, comedians may return to regularly scheduled shows. Not surprisingly, none of what has happened so far, of course, is currently the hottest game on the planet, Among usImproves performance over more niche games like, Spelunky 2 — Dankey’s vulnerability in YouTube as a platform and his position within it are noteworthy and worth listening to.

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