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FortniteMarvel-themed season ends next week, with the super-villain Galactus finally arriving on the island on Tuesday afternoon.Data miners have found a lot of references to past season events, Epic has issued some Streaming rules It suggests that there is copyrighted music and I really don’t know what to expect from the event or next Season 5. So now I hope I don’t see another crossover. Season.

I’m not having fun FortniteThere are many Marvel seasons. Despite dealing with video games, I’m not interested in anything adjacent to games like comics or science fiction. When Marvel’s Teaser first appeared before Season 4, I showed them to some friends, but was given a long reading list and some behind-the-scenes stories that turned my head around. It was.So i admit it What I hate this season is personal: one of my many responsibilities at Kotaku Is to know about Fortnite, And when it became difficult to do Fortnite It has become another genre I don’t know about. Other players on reddit Social media also complained about the Marvel-themed season, which helped me feel a little less like a hitman. But even if we weren’t excited this season, we could see the appeal, and even if most players sent the race to the wiki, the excitement of other players for the Battle Pass skins and new landmarks. Enjoyed it.

The Marvel season isn’t completely out of the left field —Fortnite Despite many other crossovers, including Marvel, Season 4 was the most difficult game ever devoted to external of FortniteThe strength of is its malleability. Review In last year’s game, I praised the “fulfillment, which is constantly changing and packed into the gills.”Has enough space Fortnite Island for Superhero, same as Musician, Movie characters,Moreover The whole movie..To Marvel Podcast In late October, Epic Creative Director Donald Mustard first Fortnite As a game about places, he said, “I want to create a world where the island is the main character.” Anything can happen on the island. New themes, crossovers and in-game events all add to the island’s quirky story. Retcon some of the game’s plot points and Marvel Universe Fits in a convincing way FortniteTradition. As a character FortniteThe island is like a man who occasionally arrives next to a bar. He tells so many ridiculous stories that he can do nothing but nod and say “buddy.” You don’t always want to talk to him, But he usually Add some colors to your night.

FortniteBelieve it or not, the Marvel season didn’t work on its own.In both game cover and play, I’m most interested in the stories and secrets players delve into, the folklore and wild theories they create, and the implications they assign. Specific location.. In a season built around existing franchises, much of the work of inventing the world has already been done by Marvel. Connecting the points of the world this season means leveraging Marvel’s knowledge rather than incorporating what the Epic people have created and building something in the community. I felt that players had less work to do, became more creative, and had fewer ways to help shape the game world.this The arc of the season couldn’t grab me like the past seasons, and Made in season 4 Fortnite feel Not strange and unique world And more like a product. Fortniteof The vastness still allowed Epic to give its own spin to existing Marvel characters and stories, but Season 4 felt like there wasn’t much room for players to mark themselves...

Epic plays games Metaverse, Donald mustard 2019 game awards The company wants to “create a place where all IPs can coexist.”I think the future of Fortnite Contains more Product placement And tie-up. This season felt like a preview of the progress of the game. It’s not a place I’m very excited about going.I’m sure Many players (and companies) will, and Epic Do whatever you want in the game.But in the Marvel season Fortnite I like to play the most. I don’t know if next season will be more exciting or less exciting for the game.

I hope the plot next season will make Fortnite About, well, Fortnite again. There is a hint in that direction. The data miner claims to find a connection to past folklore in the file and connect events such as: Black Hole And that Giant robot battle.. Something is constantly changing in the game. What I hate is replaced by what I do, and vice versa. I’m excited to see what happens next and at least I’m ready to change.

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