Doom 2 designers take a tour of the devil in their home

I think the first thing most level designers do when launching a new tool is to try to recreate their home. After all, it’s a familiar place that’s easy to understand. However, as some people should already know, Doom II seems to come with a fairly accurate representation of the developer Sandy Peterson’s house. This week, a venerable designer took us on both real-world and “Hell On Earth” tours. A “version of his dwelling.”

Of course, I’m sure Imps, shotguns, and lurking demon eyes aren’t on the list of realtors for resale.

This rendition, which appears on Doom 2’s 16th map “Suburbs,” is quite popular. Oh, sure, early 3D visuals in the game can’t accurately map the entire range of surfaces and details. Vertical elements like stairs were a little more difficult, and the entire second floor was significantly removed. But there are even creative workarounds and even secrets to discover, such as unlocking the item’s cache (furo) when a wall-mounted oven (or spooky devil’s face) is shot.

Some of the monster closets remain. But where Imps usually pop out of the Doom 2 door, a perfectly low-threatening four-legged threat lurks in the dark of Peterson’s house. It’s also a good thing. Even Doomguy doesn’t know if it’s in him to tear and tear the puppy.

But it’s not just his own home that makes cameos. The same suburban level also includes his parents’ home, but it cannot be accurately adapted because it is built from memory rather than reference.

It’s hard to imagine avoiding the same thing using a relatively small floor plan of a European house, mind. I can’t see the Doom map made from my parents’ house taking more than 15 seconds. My own apartment? It’s barely a secret corridor.

Cheers, PC gamers.

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Doom 2 designer takes a demonic tour of his own home

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