Doom Eternal earns Super Gore Nest Master Level and appears in Games Pass on PC this week

Bethesda updated shooters Doom Eternal At an all-new master level, it gives veterans additional challenges to blow their way for new cosmetic rewards and the right to brag.

The Super Gore Nest level is claimed as a “new combat experience” built from scratch around the campaign’s Super Gore Nest map, and meets new environmental hazards and conditions to keep even the hardest Doom Slayer on the toes It has been. In addition, the new “classic mode” requires you to start with a combat shotgun only. You can find more weapons and survive as long as possible.

The other modes included in this master level are the same as the Extra Life difficulty that introduces Permadeath, but the Ultra Nightmare difficulty that doesn’t even give you the opportunity to gain extra life. Therefore, it is important not to make mistakes. victory.

This update, of course, contains many fixes and changes to the base game. This is due to improvements in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players that increase the default backward compatibility mode resolution scaling to 4K at 60HZ and 1080p using dynamic resolution scaling. For Xbox Series S. A complete list of patch notes can be found on the game’s official website.

Finally, Bethesda announced: Doom Eternal A few months after it was released on the Xbox Game Pass for Console in October, we plan to move to the Xbox Game Pass for PC later this week on December 3rd. Also, it’s only a few days since the game was released on Nintendo Switch on December 8th, which was announced yesterday. See the Super Gore Nest Master Level trailer below.–comes-to-games-pass-on-pc-this-week

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