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For many (and often even me), I know that reviews exist simply as headlines and a series of text that scrolls through to reach uncontextual numbers. With that in mind, we avoid giving the game a perfect 10 out of 10. Even the best games aren’t perfect, and anyone can choose to show only that score when they open a review and decide I’m full.

But when I reviewed Doom Eternal earlier this year, I felt it in my bones – this was 10 out of 10 of my games. It had minor flaws and microscopic issues like any other game, but after all, I had a great time with the game and it was difficult to look low on the score scale.

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Now I’m playing the game again, but the situation is different. After a long delay, the latest id Software shooter found a home on the Nintendo Switch thanks to the technical magic of the emergency button. Much of my love for Doom Eternal comes from the stunning visuals and smooth, smooth action built to handle the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. The Nintendo Switch is a great console, but definitely Absent It is built for such a large and highly detailed game. Still, Panic Button hasn’t stopped doing a great job of getting games like the original Doom, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and even Warframe running on the Nintendo hybrid handheld.

Like those games, running Doom Eternal smoothly on the Nintendo Switch had to come at a cost. Again, will you do It works smoothly on the Nintendo Switch, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head on its own. Doom Eternal is all about non-stop run-and-gun action, and Switch never gives up no matter how many demons and explosions flood your screen. The Doom Eternal Experience allows you to move smoothly through the arena and environment as you jump over Cacodemon, burn Imps, and shred into more types of enemies, such as the graceful and bloody death ballerina. Is the key to.

When playing with the system’s default Joy-Cons, the ballet can face some failures. One of the key elements of Doom Eternal is to use the melee button to activate Glory Kills when the enemy is dying, trigger a brutal run animation, and reward with health pickups and a pool of ammo. .. Click the right stick to activate the melee attack. This is a fluid behavior on other consoles and keyboards, but the small Joy-Con sticks are a bit tricky and can’t be clicked as often as expected in the game. .. It’s an unavoidable discomfort when playing games in handheld mode, but if you’re docking Doom Eternal, ProController is recommended.

There are some other big concessions in this version of the game, but it’s not that surprising. First, the visuals have been significantly downgraded. The panic button cuts the corners smartly in every aspect of the visual department, rather than destroying one or two parts of the graphic in large numbers. The texture is a bit blurry, the character model is a bit thick, the environment is a bit flat, and the dynamic resolution means that the image is always a little blurry.

All of these downgrades look rough in the game’s still screenshots, but they’re less noticeable when you’re actually playing and the mayhem is moving. This is an obvious downgrade from other versions of the game, but I don’t feel it, as I don’t have time to break down the devil’s blurry face and soft environmental textures when constantly running, shooting and killing. Obviously when you dive in and start playing.

Another blockbuster comes in the form of a drop in frame rate. Nintendo Switch’s Doom Eternal runs at 30 fps instead of the fluid 60 fps. This is a stable and stable 30fps, and I’ve noticed a temporary drop during the cutscene, but it’s difficult to adjust after playing a lot of the game on a more powerful console. At the first few levels of the game, the weapons and enemies are simple enough that slow frame rates don’t hinder the action so much, but at later levels the equipment is so multitasking that there are enemies to slaughter. It’s so numerous that you may feel like you’re limited to frame rates.

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Doom Eternal Switch Review

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