Door Kickers heading to Switch in December

Earlier this year, Qubic Games Announcement You’ll be bringing the original Door Kickers to Switch. The publisher is currently setting a final release date of December 26th.

Door Kickers is an innovative real-time strategy game where you can take charge of a SWAT team and command the team during tactical intervention.

“You don’t have to draw a line in the sand. I already have it. It’s pale. It’s blue. It’s mine and if you cross it I’ll protect it.” Anonymous author

Become the commander of an elite anti-terrorist force and guide them to the most dangerous missions. Remember that you are a good person. However, in some cases it is better to trigger and go home on your own than to be carried. The lives of you and your subordinates are of utmost importance.

Analyze the situation, plan your team’s routes, select equipment, break through points, and coordinate multiple soldiers to reach the hostage room before the bad guys press their triggers.

It may sound daunting and it’s like a real-world CQB battle. However, most levels can be completed on the fly in minutes – improvisational work. Achieving the perfect plan and completing missions without the wrong steps is a difficult skill to master.

Main functions

– 2D, top-down for optimal tactical analysis
– Real-time with combat pauses
– No turns, hexes, action points, nasty interfaces
– Realistic but action-packed
– Non-linear level
– Unlimited gameplay with mission generator
– Free-form tactics – Improvisation, adaptation, overcoming
– Prepare your squad and select equipment and weapons
– 5 trooper classes

Door Kickers Switch eShop is priced at $ 11.99 and pre-orders are currently valid. Owners of Qubic titles such as Robonauts, One Strike, Mana Spark, Blazing Beaks, and Akane will automatically receive a 25% owner discount.

Door Kickers heading to Switch in December

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