Dota 2 documentary on Netflix

Dota: New with the release of Dragon’s Blood, Netflix will be hosting a Dota 2 documentary. Dota 2 Free To Play, an esports movie that surrounds multiplayer games, will be available on streaming platforms starting next week.

The film was produced by Valve during The International 2011, the first tournament surrounding a US $ 1 million MOBA game. It records their highs and lows, following three pros, Danil’Dendi’Ishutin, Benedict Lim’hyhy’ Han Yong, and Clinton’Fear’ Loomis. Like most sports movies, it’s not about sports, it’s about personal dramas.

It’s already available on Valve’s YouTube channel, released in 2014, but it’s now available to all other viewers who first touched the fantasy game with the blood of the dragon. This document acts as a great time capsule for the early community at the time, and 10 years later, it’s sure to be intriguing to some of Netflix’s documentary-hungry viewers. Dota 2 already has a rich history and it’s cool to see its heritage elements pushed to potential new fans.

The YouTube documentary is as follows:

We asked Valve if they could continue to use free play on YouTube after it started on Netflix. It will be available on Streamer on Monday, April 19th. If you want to try Dota 2, we have a guide for beginners.

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