Dota 2 Pro accidentally abandons Epic League match

When it turned out to be a taxable match between both Gambit Esports and Ninjas in EPIC League Division 2 pajamas, something unexpected happened in the 51st minute as Gambit support player eine accidentally abandoned the match. .. .. However, Gambit Esports was still able to win the game thanks to the Divine Rapier pick from carry Dyrach YO.

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Gambiteine ​​accidentally abandons pro match

Gambit Esports played against the Ninja in their pajamas in the first match of EPIC League Division 2 on November 23rd. The first map seems to be in favor of Gambit as it had a significant gold advantage of megacreep in addition to 11k at NiP’s top barracks. The game was paused on the side of Gambit due to fps-related issues while Gambit was retreating from the midlane because all players had 0 mana due to the enemy Phantom Lancer. When the player reconnects to the server, off-flaner meLes has announced news that teal (Omniknight’s eine) has accidentally abandoned it. He also asked in every chat if they could play as 4 and become a Micro Aine hero. NiP said the admin didn’t write anything, but it’s okay. Gambit Esports received a green signal from the admin and the game wasn’t paused. Gambit Esports had to play 4v5.

However, Gambit’s carry player Dyrach YO purchased Divine Rapier to push the Tier 4 tower and eventually end the game. All Gambit heroes emerged as winners of the chaotic team fight when they collectively pushed the midlane, microplayed Omninight, and defeated Ancients to win a stunning victory.

At one point, Gambit wouldn’t have benefited from a mistake in the palm of Aine’s face, but they were able to be nervous to finish a game worth winning.

DyrachYO saved a day at Gambit Esports with a great performance at Morphling
Image via Dotabuff
Gambit Esports didn’t contact me about how Eine accidentally pressed the abandon button, but it’s most likely due to a bug. There is a bug that when you disconnect from the game and press the “Power Button” in the upper right corner, you will see the “Abandon Prompt” instead of the “End Game” prompt. Players have a habit of pressing “yes” in motion, but unfortunately they are removed from the server.

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A similar type of incident occurred in a professional NA game between CR4ZY and 4 Zoomer. Dota 2 analyst syndereN also ran into the same bug in a pub match.

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