Dota 2’s Nemestice event and new Battle Pass in progress

Tsuchida 2The summer Nemestis event began with a new Battle Pass.The· Official microsite It’s included more and more, but in the list you’ll find the Davion of Dragon Hold in the photo above, and the Netflix Dota 2 anime star.

I’m not a Dota boy, but I love Valve’s animated trailers. This is great:

Due to the destruction of Mad Moon, fragments of magical rocks crashed all over the world. In the new Nemestis Event mode, players fight for these meteorite debris and rattle the Nemestis Ember to improve damage output and movement speed. There is also a new “Nemestis Crazy” creep to fight.

The Battle Pass works the same as the Battle Pass. This means unlocking different rewards by paying in 3 tiers, participating in challenges and completing weekly quests. Davion is one of the rewards, but there are many others. I like the cute look of “guide dogs”.

Take a quick look at Dota 2 Reddit Suggests that some users are not happy with how the Battle Pass is performed, Especially from a pricing perspective. The cheapest bundle is priced at $ 7.49, the level 50 bundle is priced at $ 26.99, and the level 100 bundle is priced at $ 41.99. As always, Battle Pass appeals to certain players who love them and literally looks like a huge waste of money to everyone else.

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