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Wrestling and video games come together like peanut butter and chocolate. See WWF No Mercy or Def Jam: Fight for New York for some classic examples. SmackInwave Labs aims to join the ranks of these greats at Double Turn, the new professional wrestling fighter. Does the player have to enter the ring or is this just a fake?

Double turn review

People who grew up in the Hulkmania era will be familiar with double-turn songs and dances. Choose between a fighter, a high flyer, a striker, or a showman, and players fight in gauntlets for a chance to take the lead. Strikes, grabs, blocks and dodges all make sense, but it’s the signature move that helps you stay on top. By building a heat meter to stop damage and block oncoming attacks, this meter is the key to landing killer blows and knocking out enemies. Do it three times and the match is up to you.

This sounds very easy and makes sense on paper, but it’s a bit lacking in practice. Similar to Sony’s failed PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale, players can only move forward by building meters and performing special actions. Often it leads people to spam the same stun move and slow chain, but only provides the final signature move to end the match. There is no guarantee that these signature moves will land. Pressing the space button once can keep you tall and dry. Unlike the Super Smash Bros. series fighters, the system implemented here leads to frustration rather than fun.

The overall presentation is also away from the game. It does not affect each strike. The sound effects are there, but they often feel like they’re punching into thinner air than an unprotected opponent. In addition, the lack of music during the match lacks the energy needed to keep the player moving. The crowd chanting is great, but not enough to get the player to fight. Finally, the perspective is a bit strange. A zoom system similar to Super Smash Bros. or Samurai Spirits is expected to work, but the zoomed-out look is all small and insignificant.

In addition to a simple training mode and unqualified practice mode, there are gauntlets that fight 3 opponents and battle royale that fights 20 players. There is also a leaderboard, but it wasn’t working at the time of this review.

However, there are some achievements that encourage players to dive. You can unlock everything by breaking the table, landing a strike, or completing a match, but these goals are a bit arbitrary once you’ve said everything.

Double turns may pay homage to the wild and wonderful world of wrestling, but the end result is something that isn’t worth adjusting. Those who want the next WrestleMania will be terribly disappointed with this.

This review of Kamlocho Street was done on a PC. The game was downloaded for free.

Double turn review

Wrestling and video games come together like peanut butter and chocolate. See WWF No Mercy or Def Jam: Fight for New York for some classic examples. SmackInwave Labs

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