Doug Bradley and Robert Englund Livestream on Twitch Today

Halloween always causes the worst, and of course it really means the best icon of the horror genre, and this year is no exception.Not only the arrival Halloween kill, Elvira 40th Anniversary Special On Shudder and many other dark treats, you’ll see them on Twitch’s Horror Hub Marketplace. Doug BradleyKnown to many as the face of HellraiserPinhead and Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund sitting and chatting Go to hell with Doug Bradley series. Oh, he has the joy of showing us.

Currently in the premier season. To hell Is a recording of a casual gathering of people in the horror genre, including Bradley, Stephsulo, and the dark side icons of actors, producers, musicians, and other films. Chat is live, so fans can ask questions in chat, discuss genres and everything they like, interact with each other, and enjoy the show.Hosted by Bradley Robert englund Thursday, October 14th, from 8pm EST on the Horror Hub Marketplace.

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Of course, both stars are Bradley’s Pinhead And Englund’s Kluger has appeared in 16 large films between them, creating the two most famous characters in the genre. Both films have been suffering from diminishing returns for years in the final installments, Hellraiser Series featuring Bradley-Ducked out wisely since 2011 revelation And 2018 judgement-Scraping until the release of the DVD, the last was 2005. Englund’s Krueger was able to make all the appearances, at least until his last on-screen film. Freddy vs Jason Arriving at the cinema, none of his work fully understood the depth of the Hellraiser series when it came to continuity and consistency.

As for the future of the franchise, neither actor is likely to replay their respective roles in a new movie, but that doesn’t mean they first saw the last monster that came back to life on the screen. The new Hellraiser movie has just finished filming and will arrive in Hulu next year. This time, the high priest of pain will take the form of a woman from Jamie Clayton. Jamie Clayton essentially brings the character back to the roots of Clive Barker’s original novella. Hell heart, It portrayed Pinhead as an almost genderless entity with very fluid nature. In addition, a franchise-based television series has been in production since last year, so a new break may bring new blood to the franchise after decades of dull, cheap sequels.

When it comes to that Freddy Krueger, It’s a little more ambiguous.Englund himself, who came out of Freddie’s retirement to appear in an episode on a television show, commented that he is now too old to do the work needed to bring the character back to life. Goldberg.. Unlike Jason Voorhees, who is often compared Friday the 13th The film is silent, mostly hidden under masks and prostheses, but Robert Englund is essentially Freddy Krueger in every way. There is always the possibility that someone will take over the character, and in fact Jackie Earle Haley tried it with a reboot in 2010, but after nearly 40 years as Freddy’s face, the character became someone without it. I can’t imagine being hijacked. It feels like pastiche.However, there are always new iteration stories Nightmare on Elm Street, And with so many streaming options, you may not have seen the last knife finger killer in Springfield.

Catch these two icons in conversation at the Horror Hub Marketplace above Cramps This Thursday, from 8 pm Eastern Standard Time on October 14th. It happens to be today.

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Doug Bradley and Robert Englund Livestream on Twitch Today

https://movieweb.com/robert-englund-doug-bradley-twitch-chat-show-live-stream/ Doug Bradley and Robert Englund Livestream on Twitch Today

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