Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 on Steam in December

Released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in September, Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 will be released on Steam for PC users in December.

  • Overhauled gameplay experience – Enhanced game performance, lighting system, player movement, object avoidance, and custom receiver animations. We’ve also improved Lineman interactions, extended defensive AI, and overhauled pass games (including more chippaths, aggressive DBs, and faster QB animations).
  • PlayDesigner – Full play designer for attack and defense. Implement standard playbook strategies by setting the receiver root tree, read progress, play action, execution type, man and zone coverage, blitz package, QB spy, and even player movements.
  • College Dynasty Mode 2.0 – Player Awards, Conference Championships, Player Transfers, New Bowl Games, Updated Depth Chart Screens, Fast Simulation Engine, Diverse Play Calls (Give Each Team a New Identity), Increased Recruit Generation Accuracy (Height and Weight) (Including), detailed recruitment commitments and player suspensions, and much more!
    More Customization-University teams have been added to Play Now, a new 32 team league has been added to Play Now and Season Mode, a brand new customization hub, a simple color picker based on team primary and secondary colors, and additional stock. The logo has been added.
  • Custom control – Map your own button! Customize the game controls on the field to get a familiar or entirely new feel.
  • Multiple rule sets, field sizes, ball types! Play the kind of soccer you need. Choose from US professional, college, and Canadian football options.

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