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Eagles head coach Doug Pederson told reporters Wednesday morning about a veteran of the Probow-nominated team about how the QB change prevented the locker room from splitting, ahead of Sunday’s Dallas match. I gave the latest information on the injury.

Pederson admitted in December that he didn’t know what it would be like for the team to play the best football, and if he did it his way, they would start the season powerfully and then keep it all year round. Stated. He said they responded well to adversity and faced many things in the last few seasons, but they also don’t live where they are and are moving forward to find a way down the stretch. It was.

Here’s what the head coach had to say:

The head coach said he was excited about all three Pro Bowl-nominated men, Fletcher Cox, Jason Kerke and Brandon Graham.

Pederson was the one who broke the news to Graham about making his first Pro Bowl, and he explained with a big smile on his face what the call was like.

“I really didn’t talk much with him. When I talked to him the other day, he was very excited and very excited, and he was very overjoyed and very happy. , And I was happy with him and his family. He worked very hard in his career and is probably worth making it several times. Very happy for him and in his career In addition, it’s like a cherry. “

Pederson was later asked about Jason Kerke and what he meant for the team. Especially this season there are so many moving parts along the attack line.

“I can’t say good enough or positive about him. You know, he was the one guy who was there every day for the group on an aggressive line. He What fights every year, a little pain and injury, wants to practice and compete every day, and competes at a high level, and only does what other centers in this league can’t do, and he does it at a high level. He actually takes all the snaps, he doesn’t want to miss a rep if he doesn’t have to. He’s a great leader in the room, a great leader in the football team, and he Is clearly a great person off the field, but a great player, a great person, I’m excited about him. “

About QB change

The head coach acknowledged that benching the quarterback could lead to a division of the locker room if the coach and player allowed it, but Carson Wentz is still attending the meeting and as usual. I have a question. He is still committed and has supported Jalen Hurts as a bystander.

“That’s what I really appreciate about Carson, exactly how he treated this. He doesn’t want to distract the team and wants to help the team win. That’s the point, so we don’t let these things sneak into our thoughts and keep them out of the locker room so we don’t split the team. “

About the development of Jalen Leaguer

Pederson was asked by the rookie what he was looking at now that he had settled on his role in both the offense and the punt returner. He pointed out the explosiveness of the screen and the surrounding leaguers. He was able to get over the secondary and hope they were able to connect with some deep throat.

“His greatest thing is that he keeps learning, and he really missed much of the first half of the season, so now he’s in a really explosive position for us, and we Just keep pushing and plugging in together, and take him with the crime too. “

The latest information on injuries

  • Jalen Leaguer is fine, he practices, and should be good on Sunday.
  • Cameron Johnston is in the Concussion Protocol. They are planning on Sunday in case the Panther can’t play, and Pederson said Jake Elliott did a really great job on behalf of Johnston last week.
  • Darius Srey is excluded from the concussion protocol and will practice on Wednesday.
  • Josh Sweat has a wrist injury and will probably “miss for a while” for a few weeks, but will definitely miss the match against Dallas on Sunday.

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Doug Pederson talks about the latest information on Eagles injuries, Pro Bowl nods, Jalen Leaguer development and more Doug Pederson talks about the latest information on Eagles injuries, Pro Bowl nods, Jalen Leaguer development and more

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