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Andrea Dovizioso has named former Honda teammate Casey Stoner as the “most talented” rival he has faced in MotoGP.

Dovizioso, the winner of the 15th MotoGP race, will take the sabbatical from MotoGP in 2021 after quitting Ducati, who has been racing with him since 2013.

Dovizioso teamed up with double MotoGP world champion Stoner on the Honda team in 2011 to win 10 races for the second world title for the Australian as part of a three-rider team featuring Dani Pedrosa. ..

When MotoGP moved to stop the three-rider team from 2012, Dovizioso set out for Tech3 before stepping over to Ducati.

Talking to Spain’s DAZN late last year, Dovizioso revealed the attributes that made Stoner the toughest rival he faced in MotoGP.

“He was the most talented ever,” Dovizioso said of Stoner.

“But beyond talent, there was how he squeezed it. I can’t say about Valentino. [Rossi] He is not talented, but he has a way and is producing results.

“On the other hand, Casey [from] First round [straight away] Bum!

“And that was the worst [thing] For his rivals. It defeated them. Throughout his career, he did it that way. He was very good at it.

“So, in addition to that talent, it was how he used it.”

Dovizioso argued that it was “unfair” to pick out the riders who impressed him above all, and said that “they were all very important” for him to learn.

The Italian also gave his opinion on the comparison between Stoner and Marc Marquez. “It’s hard to say that there are more talented riders than Marc.

“Everything he did was based on this, in a way that made me say that Casey was a little more talented.

“But to be honest, it’s very difficult to say so.

“For a variety of reasons, he lives a different life than Casey. There was no misunderstanding or situation that Casey was uncomfortable and said” enough. “

“At the environmental level, everything is much easier, more relaxed and calm. [for Marquez].. And that’s why he has won so many championships and has such a long career. “

Stoner retired from MotoGP at the end of 2012, was fed up with media demands at the age of 27 and was dissatisfied with the direction of the championship at the time.

Marquez is currently on the sidelines due to an arm injury that excluded him from the 2020 season and was able to stand on the bench in the first half of the 2021 campaign after undergoing a third surgery in December. ..

Dovizioso’s decision to sever all ties with MotoGP in 2021 will leave Honda’s free agent in the event of the need for someone to represent Marquez again earlier this season.

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Dovizioso nominates Stoner as “most talented” MotoGP rival | MotoGP News Dovizioso nominates Stoner as “most talented” MotoGP rival | MotoGP News

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