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Dow is struggling to find a way to start the week in a large-scale investment fund margin claim report

U.S. stocks bounced between marginal profits and losses at the start of trading on Monday following reports that large investment funds had to sell large numbers of stocks that could spread to a wider market. ..

Still, the movement was muted in the face of previous news Tiger Asia Manager Bill Fan’s Archegos Capital Management I made a big bet late last week.

How does the stock market work?
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average

    There is almost no change around 33,069.

  • S & P500 Index

    It was 3,971 which was a decrease of 3 points (0.1%).

  • Nasdaq Composite Index

    I dropped points to 13,138.

On Friday,Dow

S & P 500 recorded a 1.4% increase

Added 1.6%, Nasdaq Composite Index

It fell by 0.6%.

What is driving the market?

According to The Wall Street Journal, the market was nearly stable with a stride report that fan Arquegos Capital Management sold about $ 30 billion in stakes and temporarily shocked the entire market.

Last friday, sales Discovery

And Viacom CBS

Record their worst day decline on record, even if the wider market ends sharply high to end the turbulent trading week.

Global Investment Bank Credit Suisse Group

And Nomura Holdings

On monday they Likely to hit Due to market volatility, we did not directly appoint a fan fund.

“A significant US-based hedge fund that defaulted on margin claims made by Credit Suisse and certain other banks last week,” said Credit Suisse. “Credit Suisse and many other banks are in the process of withdrawing from these positions because the fund failed to meet these margin commitments.”

“Reportedly, the sale appears to be the result of a liquidation from a fund called Arquegos Capital Management. After some of its positions have moved offside, there are concerns about the trickle-down effect on other stocks. I did. ” Michael Hewson, Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets. “We will see if these concerns are well-founded later in the day,” he writes.

Margin call buzz occurs at the beginning of the week when holidays are shortened as investors prepare for a new round of volatility. Some markets, including the United States, will be closed in compliance with Good Friday, and some European markets will remain closed for Easter Monday next week.

Meanwhile, investors are partially moving a tugboat on a 1,300-foot Evergreen container ship operated by the Taiwan-based Evergreen Group, which blocks the Suez Canal, one of the world’s busiest trading channels. I was also watching the news that I had them. The tanker blockage caused a large log jam. Ship removal can help reopen important trade routes, which account for about 12% of world trade.

In terms of public health, the global coronavirus count exceeded 127 million on Monday. Data aggregated by Johns Hopkins UniversityThe United States accounts for a quarter of that number, exceeding 30 million.

The death toll exceeds 2.78 million, with the United States accounting for about one-fifth, or 549,335. The United States added at least 45,552 new cases on Sunday. According to the New York Times tracker And at least 487 people died.

Markets are worried that the revival of COVID-19 in Europe has forced an extension of the lockdown period, despite vaccine deployment and approximately $ 1.9 trillion in COVID in the United States helping the domestic economy. It is rising erratically. Benchmark bond yields are high.

Concerns about the blockade of Suez, concerns about the spread of the virus, and the possibility of infecting financial markets were all headwinds.

“In a week of equal optimism and pessimism, the stock market has faced a number of factors, including a long blockade in Europe, vaccine nationalism, and additional wrinkles in the Suez Canal. It has proven to be resilient, which shows signs of clearing the next day or so, “CMC Hughson wrote.

Which stock is the focus on?
  • Southwest Airlines Co., Ltd...
    + 0.54%

    Monday’s share price rose 0.7% after airline I ordered 100 Boeing 737 Max7 companies The first 30 of these aircraft will be delivered in 2022.As part of a contract with Boeing
    + 3.23%
    Southwest Airlines also converted orders from up to 8 companies in 70 to orders from up to 7 companies from 2022 to 2029, adding 155 MAX options to MAX7 or MAX8 aircraft.

  • Cal-Maine Foods Inc. stock
    calm down,

    Monday was flat, Offset sales mistakes after egg producers made far more profits than expected in the third quarter.

  • Share Goldman Sachs Group Co., Ltd.

    And Morgan Stanley
    It was reportedly part of a fan block trade, but was also focused on early Monday.

  • Moderna Inc. MRNA He said he hopes to ship the 100 millionth dose of COVID-19 vaccine to the US government and meet all current order promise dates. Its share has decreased by almost 3%.

  • Insurance company Allstate Corporation.
    + 0.50%

    On Monday, it said it would record a net loss of approximately $ 4 billion after completing its life insurance and annuity business. Allstate’s share rose 0.3%.

  • Applied Materials Co., Ltd. AMAT stock 1.4% down on Monday Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. announced that the acquisition agreement has been terminated because approval from Chinese regulators was not in time.

How are other assets going?

Dow is struggling to find a way to start the week in a large-scale investment fund margin claim report Dow is struggling to find a way to start the week in a large-scale investment fund margin claim report

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