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You wake up on the beach, I don’t remember how you got there or even who you are. A mysterious message comes to you and encourages you to “break the time loop.” You are trapped in an island full of people trying to kill you. You die and wake up on the same beach. The day is over. Beach. die. Beach. That’s enough to make you sick of the beach. I’m sick enough to start listening to those floating messages and do something about this time loop. That’s Colt’s journey on Deathloop. Break the cycle by killing those who are responsible for continuing it, and maybe find a way away from the Black Reef Island.

Déjà vu

Blackleaf Island was not always involved in a time loop. Although it began as an isolated fishing colony, the anomalies in the area eventually caught the attention of the military, and beyond that, the attention of the founding members of the Aeon Program. These individuals and their followers have come together to exploit the anomaly and, on the surface, create a time loop that allows them to live forever.

However, the human mind is not designed to endure forever. After sufficient time, Blackleaf residents began to experience memory loss. At the beginning of the game, Colt is in this exact position. When Colt first opened his eyes on the frigid sandy beaches of the Black Reef coast this particular morning, he had only fleeting dreamy memories from the previous day. His constant companion during his journey is a strange, floating message and radio call from a woman who calls herself Juliana, often two contradictory agendas that Colt needs to navigate. I have. Due to his memory loss, Colt gets to know himself as you get to know him. Learn about his past as you unravel the strange stories of the island and unravel its mysteries.


At the heart of many of these mysteries is the eight visionaries. The founders of the Aeon program and those who have to kill to put an end to the time loop that keeps Blackleaf in an endless cycle. Every visionary has its own story and reason to join Blackleaf. Some of them want to live forever. Some of them want to experiment and create beautiful things forever. Some of them want to party forever and eat people. (We are looking at you, Alexis. You are a nasty wolf.)

Throughout the game, learn the habits and secrets of all eight visionaries and use them to your advantage. With the knowledge you have gained, you will be able to pull the visionary out of hiding and line them up for the perfect cycle.

But one visionary is better than the other …

it’s complicated

Julianna Break. Cat on your mouse. She is the only person in the game you consistently come into contact with. She is also the islander most determined to prevent you from breaking the time loop. Game director Dinga Bakaba describes her relationship with Colt as “the beating heart of Deathloop,” and everything in the game returns to them and their rivals.

“This is the first person you meet and she’s trying to kill you,” says narrative designer Bennett Smith. “Part of the early stages of the game is finding, investigating and discovering why she wants to do this. Juliana has something in common with Colt. The island loops for a day, but everyone on the island Seems to have forgotten except for her and Colt, so in a sense, if they go to someone else, they just forget, so they are the only people who can sympathize with both. That experience Through, it’s basically that she’s trying to bring Colt to her level. She has all the cards. She has all the knowledge. So she calls you on the radio. Abuse you, but it’s also this doctrine experience that Colt is asking about what’s going on and she’s giving him the answer-but not all the answers. Players navigate this world When she gates and discovers things, she can fill some of the gaps. “

Bakaba says the story of Colt and Juliana is the story of Blackleaf. They are fighting over the fate of the island, and most inhabitants have no idea what is going on beyond their immediate orders to hunt the Colt. They run the same routine every day and are unaware that large tableaus are playing around.

Juliana doesn’t just want to live forever. According to Smith, when you ask her, she will say it is “too simple.” Juliana came to Blackleaf with the same motives as any other visionary, but she has changed over the years. In fact, thanks to everyone’s memory loss, she is the only one who has changed over the years. She started getting bored. But now there is Colt who can suddenly remember what happened during the loop, and that’s when life becomes interesting again for her.

“Colt wakes up on this island, and this woman is clearly why everyone on the island wants to kill him,” says Bakaba. “She should be his enemy, but she keeps in touch with him on his radio. Juliana was fascinated by him, what he was doing, and how he did it. It seems that he’s interested in what he’s doing. Everyone is on schedule and everyone except her keeps forgetting, so this attraction goes two-way. Juliana Colt at every stage So much of the conversation is this rivalry, this kind of punchline duel. But sometimes there are also these sincere moments. They share a lot in common and I just have a very opposite goal. “

Are you ready to explore the Rabbit Hole? Deathloop will only be released on the PlayStation 5 console on September 14th.

Down the rabbit hole in Deathloop’s story trailer

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