Dragon Age 4 is coming to The Game Awards

BioWare recently witnessed the departure of two veteran producers who are influential in both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. However, the studio aims to put the volatile look behind them by bringing their latest project to this year’s Game Awards. The project is Dragon Age 4, the long-awaited game that many of us are looking forward to. However, if you think a demo is coming, you may be accused of celebrating a little prematurely. After all, concept art used to fool us.

This time, they promised us the “special look” of Dragon Age 4. Whatever it accompanies. And made fun of us with the image above (You’re scared, right?). But who didn’t elaborate on their plans any further, so that concept art doesn’t make a different look? I hope it’s a little more fulfilling, but I don’t know these days.

The news was announced by Geoff Keighley, the brains of The Game Awards. And he seemed enthusiastic about his tweets, giving me a little reassurance that this is exciting. Look at this space as you need a lot of exposure even on big nights.

In the meantime, he’s also busy announcing guest presenters for the event, so if you’re interested / interested, visit his Twitter account (see below for more information). Wonder Woman is the latest name, but I’m sure some of you have heard of it. But even if it doesn’t, it already sounds like a stellar night. You should prepare popcorn, right?

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Dragon Age 4 Will Be Making an Appearance at The Game Awards

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