Dragon Age 4 Removed split function from Inquisition

For BioWare these days, especially yesterday’s news about Anthem NEXT, it’s a rough sketch. As such, the latest news from the upcoming project, Dragon Age 4, will bring hope and happiness to a significant number of fans. However, it can be disappointing for those who like this particular aspect of Dragon Age: Inquisition. According to Bloomberg, EA has made changes to Dragon Age 4, which was originally designed with major multiplayer components. EA has changed course, but in the last few months BioWare has changed to focus on single player only. This is what BioWare’s leadership has fought in the past. That said, two major releases from EA were the main reasons for pivoting.

EA is on a very multiplayer and microtransaction train, and most, if not all, games had to adapt something along those lines. But Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order wasn’t. It was a complete single-player game that won criticism last year and reached over 10 million players in the first four months.

It also surpassed EA’s expectations for the game, showing that the single-player category has plenty of room for growth and success.

Behind the equation was BioWare’s own Anthem. This was a studio full multiplayer game primarily known for its fascinating single-player role-playing games. Despite the unlikely pairing, the game was able to build an impressive hype, but the critical reception was bad and disappointed sales.

Since then, a team of 30 people has been assigned to develop Anthem’s next big rework, titled Anthem NEXT, but this week it was cancelled. The reason is not clear, but the odds were the money needed to continue, the possible returns were just not aligned, and the team was transferred to Dragon Age 4.

The multiplayer part of Dragon 4 by making sure that single-player games can still be profitable and successful in this current gaming space, and knowing that the genre is what BioWare is best at. It was decided to throw away. BioWare also needs to win the next game for continued health This gives them the best chance in both, not to mention the morals of the studio.

This is a shame for anyone who enjoys Inquisition multiplayer. This wasn’t delayed and was certainly fun when there were people playing, but it didn’t reach the same success as Mass Effect 3’s Mass Effect multiplayer.

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