Dragon Age 4 reveals more than this month

It looks like we’re a little more ready for Dragon Age 4 guys. BioWare has also released several new short stories set in Tedas to celebrate Dragon Age Day, and plans to release new Dragon Age-related releases during the Game Awards on December 10.

The first teaser for Dragon Age 4 was announced at The Game Awards 2018, so I admit that I had already expected this year’s show, thinking BioWare might arrange follow-up. Don’t wonder anymore as they turned us upside down in a press release showing that the “next release” for the future of Dragon Age will take place during the event.

I have no idea what they will show or announce. Maybe they will tell us the name. “Dragon Age 4” is just a guess and a placeholder so far.

So far, what we know about the next game is slim picking. BioWare offered another Dragon Age 4 teaser this summer. This was a behind-the-scenes video (just above) with a nice looking environmental shot and quite a lot of concept art and audio performances recorded.

BioWare also posted some new, very short stories set in the world of Dragon Age, where they say, “Help me paint for the future of Dragon Age.” The story doesn’t provide a lot of information to continue, at least in the eyes outside my practice, but it could point to a character in the next game. The new shorts feature characters that also appeared in Tevinter Nights, a longer collection of short stories released earlier this year. At the moment it’s about half the collection, but from today’s story in Tevinter Nights, we recognize at least three characters. Based on some of the past Dragon Age companion novels, it’s very likely to set them as side characters during some of the Dragon Age 4 stories.

In other recent BioWare news, Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah have left the company. Hudson was General Manager of BioWare and Dollar was Executive Producer of Dragon Age.

The Game Awards, an annual awards show, can be packed with quite a few trailers and announcements and airs on December 10th, so take a look at the next, or perhaps the first, appropriate Dragon Age 4. Let’s do it.

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Dragon Age 4 to reveal more at The Game Awards

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