Dragon Age Creative Director Establishes New Development Studio Yellow Brick Games

Best known as Creative Director of Mike Laidlaw, Dragon age The series unveiled his new studio in Quebec City called Yellow Brick Games.

In a statement released by the new studio Yellow brick game It outlines the motivations for new development clothing and a “return to the basics” approach to game development, which is the core philosophy of the creative team.

Apparently, the studio’s approach to development is “very focused on the joy of creating a new gaming experience in a flexible and more attractive environment that an independent studio can offer” (Thanks, PC gamers). ..

This is a statement from Thomas Giroux, CEO of Yellow Brick Games. Laidlaw himself is the chief creative officer. This is a role similar to what he did in the Dragon Age franchise at BioWare and EA.

“We learned a lot from working on world-class multi-year projects with thousands of colleagues. We want to take a different approach,” said Senior at both EA and Ubisoft. Jeff Skalski, who came from the role of producer, says.

“Leveraging a small talented team where people come first, we create a wonderful world and experience that everyone else can enjoy. The market is moving fast and influencing where we go. I don’t want to catch up and chase when I can. “

“The market for proprietary games is growing rapidly and technology is keeping pace,” Laidlaw adds. Raidrow left Bioware in October 2017, joined as creative director in 2018, and then left Ubisoft Quebec earlier this year.

“Small and diverse teams are now able to create high quality experiences. For large studio production veterans like me and many of our teams, this is small, agile and ambitious. It’s a great time to get back into the group. The game here at YellowBrick can take millions of players on a mysterious journey, and every member of the team is created by us. I hope to have a direct impact on the new world. “

Like other independent and experienced game developers, the Yellow Brick Games team seems to be trying to enhance their creative freedom and control of the entire work.

Yellowbrick currently has 15 staff members (thanks to GamesIndustry) and no specific project has been announced. For more information on the fledgling studio, twitter Or by that visit website..

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Dragon Age creative director sets up new development studio, Yellow Brick Games

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