Dragon Age creators form new studio with Ubisoft veterinarians

Mike Laidlaw, creative director of the Dragon Age series, has worked with three former Ubisoft developers to create a new Quebec City-based game development studio, Yellow Brick Games. Laidlaw announced a new studio on Twitter today.

The founders of Yellow Brick Games also include Frederic St-Laurent B., Jeff Skalski and Thomas Giroux. All of these have been involved in games such as Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs series at Ubisoft. Giroux is Yellow Brick’s CEO, Laidlaw is listed as Chief Creative Officer, and St-Laurent B. Acts as a game director. According to, the studio has a total of 15 employees and Laidlaw Explained on Twitter He hopes the number of studio developers will increase.

According to the official website, Yellow Brick Games is built on the idea that “emergent systems create a rich and interactive world” and “believes that full team members provide the best.” That’s why it’s important for employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Content. “In other words, the studio effectively writes a ban on” emergence “in its constitution.

Laidlaw spent more than a year at Ubisoft after leaving BioWare, a studio he joined in 2003 as a lead story developer for Jade Empire, in 2017. Since leaving, he has also consulted on the development of The Waylanders, the unofficial spiritual successor to Dragon Age: Origins, which is currently in Early Access.

Yellow Brick Games hasn’t announced its first project yet, and it may take some time before the studio is ready to publish something. We want to know what they are doing.

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