Dragon Age voice actor LARP 40 minutes career breakdown

What did you do to celebrate Friday’s Dragon Age Day? I saw a voice actor brutally shut down by a Dragon Age fan. After he posted the creepiest video I’ve ever seen in my life. Dragon Age: Inquisition Karen’s voice, Greg Ellis, decided that posting a 40-minute video was a good idea. Personality as Karen, Complaining that he and his voice actors are victims of the cancellation culture. That’s terrible. It’s cheerful. Probably the best thing that has happened to Dragon Age since Dragon Age 2.

On Friday, December 4th, Ellis heard the news that former Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah has left BioWare.Dollar hurt Ellis a while back Dollar showed support to fans Those who have expressed concern about Ellis’ politics and actions.

Ellis made some nasty tweets about how good what Dollar left behind, Dollar didn’t have it. And absolutely immersed in him.. For some reason, this culminates in a 40-minute video in which a man role-playing as a medieval fantasy soldier is “cancelled” and complains about inserting various podcasts of his voice actor on every occasion. Has been reached.

After that, Greg Ellis’ Twitter and YouTube went private, but I’ll never forget the internet, Greg. This is the VOD of the video-responsive streamer “miggy the marvel”.

“My name is Karen, Karen … Rutherford,” he begins. It leaves a long dramatic pause that I can guess because he forgot the character’s full name. “I’m a popular fictional character in the video game Dragon Age. It’s an open world game full of challenging battles, difficult decisions and complex characters.”

It may sound like a press release, but it’s not too far away. The last line is, in fact, the exact product description of the inquiry on sites such as Dragon Age: Amazon. He is very happy to do some PR for BioWare there.

“Recently, a small-voiced mob of social justice warriors tried to take me, and my voice actor Greg Ellis threw me into the wasteland of cancellation culture,” he continues.

I had to pause the video here and sit a little quieter. The word “cancel culture” from this fictional character almost sent me to the astral plane. It just gets worse. Here are some incredible quotes, lots of third party stories and some amazing nonsense words.

“This is my response to the Inquisition from the mob to me and my voice actor, Greg Ellis, and how I tried to understand the resulting devastation that spread throughout the fandom.”

Use of the Dragon Age buzzword 10/10. 0/10 reminded me again that I was talking about voice actor Greg Ellis.

“Greg and Karen were put together and generalized, partly due to the coincidence of skin pigmentation.”

“Black Lives Matter, and they are less important than anyone else. I love … I love … everyone. I love everyone I love and identify my favorite gender I support everyone’s life choices and decisions to do. Yes, all life is really important to me. “

“#Metoo, and intellectual sparkle, demands that men break past treatments of women and write new code that defines masculinity in the 21st century.”

Intellectual sparkle.

“The manifesto is full. The femininity is full. Join us in this new adventure. Like, follow, subscribe. Flag the cancel culture. Keep the denials from winning. Let’s do it. “


“Mobbing is a social murder, by definition … people can’t survive their murder.”

Thank you to Karen, the mass of wisdom.

Other highlights include a part where he talks about being called transphobia, but he’s probably going to be transphobia because “one of Greg’s closest friends is transgender.” I couldn’t. Then there are a few moments when Karen begins to monopolize his backstory (I’m 90% sure this was ripped directly from the game script). And how can I forget that section when he cuts into the riot footage while MLK’s “I have a dream” speech is being remixed in the background? Quote from Ronald Reagan..

Over the past few years, some Dragon Age fans have increasingly hated Ellis. Not only to make fun of his politics, but also the news of Dragon Age, which looks like a play to manipulate “Kale Knight” (a fan of the character he speaks out). The blog Greg Ellis Receipts tracks his “toxic and operational behavior” if you are interested in some of what he said.

He’s actually kidding DA4 news in a video from Friday, suggesting he’s already doing audio work for that. However, BioWare has not yet confirmed what the characters returned to DA4 are, so there is no way to know if this is true.

BioWare made fun of revealing something at The Game Awards this week, so I hope you can actually get some. official Information about who is in.

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Dragon Age voice actor LARPs 40-minute career breakdown

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