Dragon Age voice actor reveals existing executive producer to make weird beef

Dragon Age voice actors opposed the franchise’s existing EP.

Dragon age Voice actor Greg Ellis, who played Karen and Anders in the series, swiped existing executive producer Mark Dollar. With persistent beef on Twitter, Ellis isn’t at the top and can ruin your chances of returning to the franchise.

Earlier this week, BioWare fans were hit by a one-on-two punch when long-time veterans Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah were about to leave the company. Many were worried that this would mean the end of the next Dragon Age, but hope was renewed when it was announced that the next game in the series would be announced at the Game Awards later next week. became.

under Mark Dollar’s farewell post on TwitterAs the executive producer was talking about leaving the Dragon Age franchise, voice actor Ellis had the opportunity to share his feelings. He tweeted. “And it’s safe for many others.”

“I’ve been working with you for over a decade as the voice of Karen (and Anders) @DragonAge, and I’ve never worked as a fake of such a dishonest and duplicate company.”

He states: “Your forced * resignation * is a victory for @bioware, its employees, and especially its fans.”

Dollar counterattacked the actor and said:

Ellis invited Dollar to his “discussing show,” but Dollar declined. “Don’t you really understand what’s going on right now? Thank you for inviting me, but I think I got enough signal boost from Greg today.”

Ellis then suggested that Dollar had been forced to resign from the position of BioWare because he had openly overrun “to a small tycoon.” For the record, there is no evidence that this is true, nor is there any sign of the prejudice he mentions.

The voice actor then went to YouTube to appeal to the fans of the game. In his appeal, he asserted his claim and tried to persuade the fan base on his side. His video is currently on 172 positive votes and 1.9k negative votes. It seems that the voice actor misunderstood the support.

It’s not clear what will happen next. However, it’s hard to see a world where Ellis is allowed to return to BioWare games.

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Dragon Age voice actor makes bizarre beef with exiting executive producer public

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