Dragon Battle Game Century: Age of Ashes Released in Early Access in February

Alex Calvin, Friday, December 11, 2020 18:13 GMT


Developer Playwing Releases Next Dragon Battle Title Century: The Age of Ash Steam Early Access early next year.

The studio has revealed that the game will be released on the platform in February. The title will appear in both the Microsoft Store and the Epic Games Store someday. Century: Age of Ashes was announced at The Game Awards last night.

In this game, a team of players fights against a fire-breathing dragon. There are three modes. Carnage is a team deathmatch type incident, with survival 6 to 6 to 6.

“Our wish at Century: Age of Ashes is to ultimately provide fantasy fans with an action game starring a dragon,” said art director Pascal Calret.

“Players want a spectacular, fast-paced, immersive game that features memorable combat and chase. From the first wing beat at takeoff to the roar of victory at the end of the match, Century Is an absolute rush for dragon fans and multiplayer gamers. “

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Dragon battle game Century: Age of Ashes launches in Early Access in February

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