Dragon Quest 11 has been delisted from Steam in favor of the new version and players are not happy

In the light of the release of Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of a Elusive Age – Definitive Edition, developer Square Enix has switched many marketplaces to the latest version of RPG games. Unfortunately, this means something like a downgrade for PC players who bought anime games on Steam.

Dragon Quest 11S was launched this week on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. Based on a port of Nintendo Switch that arrived in late 2019, this version of the open world game is called the definitive edition, including new character scenarios, options to speed up the battle sequence, and a side quest area consisting of dragon quests. I will. Old land. Sticking to the idea that this is definitive, it is the only Dragon Quest 11 currently available for purchase, the original version has been removed from the list and is referring to the S page.

The existing players in this article on Dragon Quest, first released on Steam in 2018, aren’t very happy. There are two astonishments for them. The original Dragon Quest 11 owner does not have a discount upgrade and has reduced graphics capabilities. “There is no upgrade path available to existing owners of this version who want a new Definitive edition. Is this version currently delisted?” Write one review. “People who like the OG version with better graphics (but less content) can’t even buy it anymore!” Another called the lack of an upgrade path “absolutely ridiculous” and another. Is “sorry” to have to buy the entire game, which is the equivalent of DLC, and suggests waiting for sale.

The Vanilla Dragon Quest 11 review is now “mixed” on the Flood Steam. Square Enix has a habit of doing this as a publisher, with Sleeping Dogs in 2012 replaced by Sleeping Dogs – Definitive Edition in 2014, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut in 2013 for the 2011 release. I replaced it.

If you want to try Dragon Quest 11 past, but are wary of throwing away cash, this month is your game pass. Dragon Quest 12 was confirmed in January 2020 (yes, it happened in January). We can expect more announcements in 2021.

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