Dragonlands Origin and Class Guide

Dragon The dragon provides +3 on the marked trail, but requires two team slots. They also get bonus health. This trait is activated with just one dragon champion. Dragon units: Shi Oh Yu, Idas, Sy’fen, Daeja, Shyvana, Aurelion Sol, Ao Shin. Astral Every 5 shops, the odds of displaying the Astral Champion and granting the Astral Orb are increasing. Your team gains bonus ability power.
(3) -10 ability power
(6) – 20 ability power, orb increases value
(9) – 50 ability powers, orbs can increase value and include item components Astral Units – Nidalee, Skarner, Vladimir, Nami, Iraoi, Vals, and Olerion Sol. Get angry Converts mana to rage. The attack produces 15 rages. After casting the ability, you will be furious for 4 seconds and gain attack speed and omni vamp. You cannot earn anger while buffing anger.

(3) – Attack speed 50%, Omni Vamp 30%
(6) – Attack speed 150%, Omni Vamp 50%
(9) – Attack speed 250%, Omni Vamp 80%

Ragewing Units – Senna, Sett, Kayn, Shen, Hecarim, Xayah, and Shyvana.

Jade Summon a movable jade statue that increases its power. The number of statues increases at the breakpoint of the characteristic. In each battle, allies adjacent to the statue gain attack speed and maximum. When the statue is destroyed, it deals 50% of its health as magic damage to nearby enemies.

(3) – 1 statue, 3% recovery, + 20% attack speed
(6) – 2 statues, 6% recovery, + 40% attack speed
(9) – 3 statues, 9% recovery, + 60% attack speed
(12) – 4 statues, 25% recovery, + 125% attack speed.

Shimmer scale Grants an exclusive random shimmer scale item that scales with gold.

(3) – 1 item
(5) – 2 items
(7) – 3 items
(9) – 5 items including Crown of Champions

Glittering items:

Draven’s Ax: Earn up to 80 gold attack damage for each gold in your bank. For each attack, this item gains 1 stack. Earn 10 gold and 1 item on 100 stacks. The holder gains the first 20 attack damage and attack speed.
Goldmancer staff: Gain 1 ability power for each gold in the bank. With a maximum of 80 gold, there is a 50% chance that you will drop 2 gold when you defeat an enemy. The holder gains the first 20 ability powers and 30 mana.
Determined investor: After the holder has died 7 times, this item will return to the item tray and turn into diamond hands. Next, you’ll get one Champion Duplicator (formerly Neeko’s Help) and 15 gold. Holders get 300 health.
Diamond hand: Gain 1 gold and 2 seconds of immunity with 66% and 33% health per battle. The holder gains 300 initial health and 20 ability powers.
Gambler blade: Gain 1% bonus attack speed of up to 80 gold for each gold in the bank. Each attack has a 5% chance of dropping one gold earned through the Shimmer Scale trait. Holders gain the first 20 ability powers and attack speeds.
Mogul email: When damaged, gains 1.5 armor, 1.5 magic resistance, and 15 health. After stacking 30 times, you will get 2 golds obtained through the Shimmer Scale trait. The holder gains 300 initial health.
Unnecessarily large jewels: If the holder is alive after 15 seconds of combat, your unit deals 1% more damage (up to 1 gold) for each gold you have. You will earn one gold for every two teams that are active when this happens. Items must be equipped on the unit, and a timer has been added during the PBE test so players can see when unnecessarily large gems will fire.
Champion’s crown: Every 4 seconds, the next attack will do 9,001 times the amount of gold in your bank with true damage. Glittering Units – Aatrox, Kayn, Volibear, Ideas, and Zoe.

Mirage Mirage bonuses vary from game to game. Power increases at each breakpoint (2/4/6/8)

Electric overload: Attacks or hits give you a chance to inflict a percentage of maximum health magic damage on adjacent enemies. You get more chances at each breakpoint.
Honor of the military commander: Mirage units gain bonus health and ability power that increases at each breakpoint. For each victorious battle in which the Mirage unit participates, the bonus increases by 10% and stacks up to 5 times.
Dawn Bringer’s determination: When the Mirage unit drops below 50% of health for the first time, some of its maximum health recovers rapidly and increases at breakpoints. Duel dexterity: Mirage units gain bonus attack speeds that increase at trait breakpoints, up to a maximum of 8 stacks.
Spell Sword Enchantment: During each battle, Mirage units gain ability power with each attack. This increases at characteristic breakpoints.
Executioner Edge: Attacks and spells from Mirage units critically attack units below the health threshold that increases at breakpoints.
Pirate greed: Get a treasure chest containing gold after each battle round. TFT Dragonland Loot. Mirage Unit – Leona, Yone, Nunu, Deja, Yasuo.

Whisper Whisper damage reduces enemies and reduces their armor and magic resistance by 40% for 6 seconds. Whispers gain stacking attack damage and ability power when damaging shrunken enemies.

(2) – Attack damage and ability +1
(4) – +2 attack damage and ability power
(6) – +4 attack damage and ability power
(8) – +6 attack damage and ability power

Whisper unit – Thresh, Elise, Sylas, Pyke, Sy’fen.

trainer For each round, each trainer supplies Nomsy with one Snax per star level, adding Health and Ability Power. Nomsy’s star level increases every 25 Snax! Nomsy has a fireball ability and has 500 basic health points.

(2) – Summon Nomy
(3) – Nomsy’s ability is a trainer unit that deals 100% more damage – Heimerdinger, Tristana, Lulu.

Scale cone If the team does not have a dragon, the Scalescorn Champion deals bonus magic damage and takes 25% less damage from enemies with more than 1700 health.

(2) – 25% bonus magic damage
(4) – 50% bonus magic damage
(6) – 80% bonus magic damage

Scalescorn unit – Lilia, Braum, Diana, Olaf.

Revel After dealing damage with the ability, activate a firecracker that deals magic damage that increases at the characteristic breakpoint to random enemies.

(2) – 150 magic damage
(3) – 175 magic damage
(4) – 225 magic damage
(5) –275 magic damage

Revel Units – Tahm Kench, Jinx, Corki, and Sona.

guild Guild units give your team a unique bonus. Guild units get double the amount. Bonuses increase with each trait level.Sejuani: 100 Health Twitch: 10% Attack Speed ​​Rise: 10 Ability Power Talon: 10 Attack Damage Bird: 2 Mana Emblem per Attack: 3% Omni Vamp

(1) – 100%
(2) – 120%
(3) – 140%
(4) – 160%
(5) – 180%
(6) – 200%.

storm Nine seconds later, a lightning strike hits the battlefield. Enemies stun for 2 seconds and receive a certain percentage of their maximum health as actual damage. The Tempest Champion gains attack speed after being hit by lightning.

(2) – 10% damage and + 25% attack speed
(4) – 20% damage and + 50% attack speed
(6) – 30% damage and + 80% attack speed
(8) – 45% damage and + 150% attack speed

Tempest Units-Ezreal, Kyana, Lee Singh, Orn, Ao Singh

Spell thief Gain new abilities after each cast and at the beginning of every round. Spell thief unit-Zoe. Star caller The first Star Caller to demonstrate his abilities in combat will heal you on February 4, 100, depending on the level of the star. Star Caller Unit-Soraka.

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