Drawn to Life: Two Realms is the latest entry in the popular adventure game series, coming out for iOS and Android in December | Articles

505 Games and Digital Continue announced that they will release a new entry in the Drawn to Life series on December 7th. It’s called Drawn to Life Two Realms and will be available on both iOS and Android along with Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Drawn to Life: Drawn to Life: A few years after The Next Chapter, two realms were set up, and as players flew between the Raposa and Human realms in an attempt to solve the mystery, Mari, Joey, and other series Reconnect with the character. Of the shadow.

In the latest installment of the action-adventure series, you can chat with dozens of unique toys, over 100 imagination battles, and over 70 humans and Laposa. It also offers a huge amount of customization options that can be unlocked with millions of colors and dozens of stickers.

Drawn to Life: Two Realms introduces a new mechanic to the series that sees players placing toys around different levels to help heroes cross the stage. The creation tools have also been expanded to allow you to choose from more colors, stickers, templates and hero animations.

Discussing future additions to the series, 505 Games President Neil Ralley said: “We are discovering our beloved groundbreaking Drawn to Life franchise with a new version created for a new generation of gamers and platforms.”

They added: “It’s been over 10 years since the last title, so I can’t wait for new players and longtime fans to get Drawn to Life: Two Realms in time for the holidays. It’s an elderly family. This is a great opportunity for fans of Drawn to Life to share their old favorites with their children. “

Drawn to Life: On December 7th, two realms, Google Play and Nintendo Switch, will be released on the App Store. This is a premium title for $ 4.99 on mobile and $ 9.99 on Switch.

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