Dread Sea Minis Pirates Game Up on Kickstarter

Yarr arr yarr! Wear hot pants!Get ready for some high sea, swash buckling action at A pirate of the sea of ​​horror. Kickstarter has a new digital version of the game. That doesn’t mean you play it on your computer. Just download the minis and rules and print them all yourself.

From the campaign:

Pirates of the Dread Sea is a fast and fun skirmish game set in a fantasy world of orcs, elves, dwarves and other exotic and unusual races. Previously only available as metal miniatures, this is expensive to ship worldwide, but all previously available miniatures can now be printed at home as STL files. , Will be digitally delivered. The rules are also available as a PDF file. .. With the exception of dice and tape measures, everything you need to play is now freely printable.

The Pirates of Dreadsea game is based on a scenario. Scenarios usually involve finding treasure, but they can also capture and rescue hostages, or simply fight. Each player controls a small crew of miniatures (about half a dozen), players take it in turn and act in one miniature at a time. In the miniature “Phase”, you can perform two actions (three captains can perform) such as move, shoot, and hand-to-hand combat.

Event cards add another level of tactics to the game, in addition to the wide variety of weapons, skills, and traits that can be applied to a character depending on race and experience. Event cards can completely take your opponent off track or boost your strength after an enemy misses a shot or by boosting crew morale and singing shanti!

Pirates of the Dread Sea is more than just a pirate-themed war game, it’s a pirate war game. Everything in the game is designed to fit your settings, creating a fun, narrative, and exciting adventure on your desktop.

The campaign has 11 days left, far exceeding its funding goal (not many for fairness).


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