Dream on-Find the source in Cyberpunk 2077

During the Dream on Mission, there are some misleading purposes. This Dream On-Cyberpunk 2077 Guide to Finding Sources describes the last, more confusing moment of this side business as you invested in a mysterious thief to break into a penthouse and escape without a trace.

The whole quest is a little frustrating. It has a very open purpose of “finding an apartment”, but finding all the clues in the apartment doesn’t seem to be complete. First, just follow the traces of blood on the floor. This will take you to the secret room that 7 bodies need to open. If your body doesn’t have that many attributes, just go to the computer room and check your computer there. You will find the code for your main security computer, from which you can open the door instead.

Dream On – Find Source with Cyberpunk 2077

Dream on-find sources in cyberpunk

After completing the remaining objectives of this quest, you will have two remaining. “Check the apartment” and “Find the sender”. I was confused between the two here, thinking that the source was in the apartment, as it is the survey area highlighted on the map. But that’s not right.

Instead of looking for an apartment, stand on the rooftop right next to a large dish antenna. Follow the way it points to the city skyline. Be sure to use optical vision. You can see the transmission tower in the distance. When the optics are turned on, it glows golden. You can accomplish this goal by simply highlighting the transmission tower until it is recognized as a clue. Talk to Elizabeth to proceed with the quest.

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