Dream players using move controllers may want one of those PS5 camera adapters.

Here’s an interesting issue. For those of you who don’t know, Dreams supports the PlayStation Move controller in addition to the DualShock 4. The wand works with the PS camera to give it a sense of depth, making it easy to manipulate 3D objects in this game. Create something This camera is also the key to how the PlayStation VR works. Sony has stated that current cameras will not work on the PS5 and is urging all PSVR owners to apply for a free adapter. Part of this process involves entering the serial number from the PSVR unit. That’s all good, but a few people haven’t answered. What if I use the Move controller to play in Dreams and make things, but I don’t own a PSVR? How do you continue to create on PS5?

Fortunately, Media Molecule has answered this very specific question. In a tweet, the developer states that people in this situation need to contact the local PlayStation support team to submit a request for a PS5 camera adapter.

So yes, you it can Even if you don’t have a PSVR, get a camera adapter for your PS5. This means that Dreams players can continue to use the Move controller in PS5 games through backward compatibility. This will affect a relatively small number of people, but it’s good that there seems to be a solution.

Would you like to create it in Dreams using PS Moves? Have you ever wondered about this scenario? Create and share in the comments section below.

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