Dream works on PS5 via backward compatibility

Dreams has been confirmed to be backward compatible today in case you’re worried that you’ll have to say goodbye to your work when the next generation arrives. This means that when PlayStation 5 arrives, everyone is creating it together, regardless of hardware, so there is no loss of activity. However, the new console may also contain many enhancements that will improve the Dreams experience.

This is because performance boosts can make unstable builds very smooth. Those that are already welcomed online. It can also increase your build potential as you become dominated by new technical constraints. However, there is also a potentially costly reverse reaction to this, and the PlayStation 5 work will be badly reproduced on the PlayStation 4. So if you want to make something that everyone can enjoy, you need to stir your imagination. a little.

It is not yet known if there are any visual clues as to whether this threshold has been exceeded. Perhaps only community feedback will notice you (unless you have your PlayStation 4 connected yet). Alternatively, as a warning, you may have the option to mark these additions as a new generation. That way, everyone can know their position.

Media Molecule itself shares this news, so you can expect further updates on all of the above when they make a decision. So it shouldn’t be long before you get the answer. In the meantime, keep an eye on the feed.

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Dreams Will Work on PS5 Via Backwards Compatibility

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