Dreamscaper gets physical release on Switch

Dreamscaper physical

Thanks to the limited run game Dreamscaper It will be physically released on Switch.

Fans can choose from two options: standard version and collector’s edition. The Collector’s Edition offers a copy of the game, a reversible poster, a 50-page artbook, and an original soundtrack.

Dreamscaper was first released on Switch until August. So far, it’s only available digitally in e-shops.

Information about the game is as follows:

Dreamscaper is an endlessly playable action roguelike game with an awakening / dreaming gameplay cycle. At night, you’ll face nightmares and dig deeper into your subconscious in an ever-changing world full of unique items, abilities, and challenges. During the day, explore the city of Redhaven, build relationships and unlock permanent upgrades to make your next dream more powerful than ever.

Main functions

  • Embark on a nightmare and take advantage of the Permadeath rush.
  • Manipulate elements with clear force, warp space, and even control time itself.
  • A battle boss that embodies isolation, fear, negativity, and loss.
  • Upgrade numerous surreal items and discover powerful artifacts.
  • Live Cassidy’s awakened life and unravel the mysteries of her story.

Pre-orders for the physical release of Dreamscaper will begin on July 8, 2022. Limited execution games accept reservations. here..

Dreamscaper gets physical release on Switch

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