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Dreamy Dreaming! -Living room real estate

Curly friends and buyers have finished buying the beautiful old Grand Coulee. A huge number of centuries-turning homes in a stunning N Portland location. They are next to the university, across the street where children go to school, just below their current home. Curly and this client once walked together in this neighborhood, and they commented that they always wanted it to hit the market! Finally, it was done exactly when they were ready to buy.

Certainly excited about them! Also, only those who are 100% wonderful.

I knew they were planning a house, but I knew it would happen when they appeared in the delivery of the keys sketched for the dream house. I’m excited and curious to see the addition of the North Wing, the basement of the fully excavated living space, the attached garage, and the progress of the planned underground pool design-build.

I swear! My job is the coolest … for all the dreamers and visionaries I meet in this profession. It’s inspiration to witness!

Did you dream? I want to help make them happen!

Sean Ofilly

Earth Advantage & ADU Specialist Broker

Hi my name is Sean Patrick O’Feery. I am very pleased to be able to pay attention to the details and services that are appropriate for a skilled, motivated and intuitive real estate agent. I love this job and make your purchase or sale smooth, rewarding and inspiring.

  • My business is built on referrals. Over 90% of my clients in 2016 came from other happy clients, friends and family. What does this mean to you? I focus my team on you and our sales or purchases. I’m not spending time chasing the “next” client. I hope you can introduce me next.
  • Honesty is the most important element of my business. My reputation reflects the integrity I bring to my work and I’m working hard to get it. You can expect me to give you my honest and informed opinion that will help you first. My trustee is on you responsibly. My clients and I keep this ideal at the highest standards.
  • Communication is essential! I will provide you with complete and timely information so that you can make good decisions. We will inform you about the next steps and beyond at every stage of the process from referral to closing.
  • Negotiation skills in this business are essential. I will be an avid supporter for you throughout the process.
  • I always aim to refine my practice, learn new tools and consolidate my knowledge of markets, neighborhoods and inventories. You can expect me to be informed, skilled and up-to-date with the latest search and marketing tools.
  • I want to continue to maintain our relationship and be a valuable resource for you. I love to serve.

As your buyer: I am dedicated to making you feel cared for before, during and after your purchase. I meet clients where they are and find out how I can provide the best service. All purchases are individually tailored to each purchaser. My priority is to find the home you love in the best possible condition and at the highest value. As your distributor: I am dedicated to making you feel cared for before, during, and after the sale. I will work closely with you to identify your priorities. A complete marketing plan supported by Portland’s best-known marketing tools, skills and style brokers can help. My consistent focus on all sales is to get you the best returns from the most qualified buyers for the sale of your home. My neighborhood: I live in the East Side and know the area from Gresham to the inside of the East Side like a well-warned glove. I love working, shopping and spending time on the West Side. Know the nuances of the Westside community from downtown to Hillsboro. Oregon City is a great community and Tigard is no stranger. For me, it’s about finding the one that works best for you in the larger Portland area. We are pleased to introduce you to the unique community that makes this area great. If you want to know a little more about me-I love real estate, live and breathe. & I built a house with my father. I know what a high quality build looks like, and a few things to keep in mind. The inspection period for buying and selling a home is a brilliant opportunity for me. I recently remodeled two homes with my wife. We own some great rental properties. Maintaining a great relationship with a scrutinized contractor is a necessity in my life and work. I spend the winter watching reports of Baker, Stevens, Crystal, Brundage, Meadows, and Mount Snow. Bachelor. The photo was taken from Camp Muir on Mount Rainier in Oakley Blade around 1993. This is my wife. This is my child. My pet. My family. If you want a genuine, focused and honest expression in the sale or purchase of your home, send us a phone call or email, providing excellent service has been a source of pride for many years. Thank you. SeanO’Feery 971-266-0805

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Dreamy Dreaming! -Living room real estate Dreamy Dreaming! -Living room real estate

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