DREDD (2012) Review and Summary

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“Judgment is coming”

Dread Is a 2012 action sci-fi movie set in a futuristic city where police have the authority to act as judges, judges and executioners.Released as Dredd 3D

A work by Pete Travis (Director Pete TravisCity of Tiny Light; Vantage point) From the script by co-producer Alex Garland (Disappearance; Ex Machina; 28 days later …), based on 2000 AD A cartoon character created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Movie stars Karl Urban, Olivia Serby, Lena Headey.


America of the future is an illuminated wasteland. On the east coast from Boston to Washington, DC is Megacity One, a vast and violent metropolis where criminals dominate the chaotic streets. The only power of order lies in the city police officers, called “judges,” who combine the power of judges, juries, and executioners. Known and feared all over the city, Dredd is the ultimate judge, trying to get rid of the latest tragedy from the city. This is a dangerous drug epidemic in which “Slo-Mo” users experience reality at a fraction of the normal speed.

Dredd is responsible for training and evaluating Cassandra Anderson, a newcomer with strong mental abilities thanks to genetic mutations in his daily work routine. Vicious crimes call them into a neighborhood where fellow judges rarely dare to adventure – a 200-story vertical slum dominated by the drug trafficking mom and her ruthless clan …

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“Writer Alex Garland chose not to explore the potential inherent in slo-mo drugs, but to focus on simple video game shooters until the inevitable confrontation. Opportunity for him to stand dread. I can’t help but feel like I missed it, from the many superhero movies in the round. Dread It’s not a failure, but it’s not as good as it should be. ” 20/20 Movie Review

“With the powerful performance of Urban Dread There are many crazy actions, the most crazy of which is a powerful attack cannon personally fired by Ma-Ma that tears through blocks of the peach tree and kills dozens of inhabitants. This sequence is great, but it’s just one of many super-violent and powerful conflicts. ” 2,500 movie challenges

“As an action blast, check most boxes. Justice is quick, relentless, bloody, and its effects are often annoyingly satisfying. It looks absolutely glorious, and Ma -Ma has unleashed a new drug called Slo-mo, the effect of which causes some visually stunning, super-stylized slow-motion sequences as blood and shards fly everywhere. I’m single-minded to some extent that it can be boring over and over again … ” Alone in the dark

… This is a simple cat-and-mouse game between Mama’s army and the judge, but the filmmaker has your eyes nailed to the action and (face it) fascist tool Dread and his terrifying smart partner. I will support you. This is a situation that benefits both the audience (perhaps not expecting this level of mayhem) and (always). Judge Dredd The franchise kickstarts to the heart like 20,000 volts or bursts from Dredd’s Lawgiver MKII. Absolutely 100% Kick Ass. ” Austin Chronicle

“A common mistake in screen adaptation, and not limited to comic books, is to scrape off all the interesting edges and end up with a product that has little to do with the trade-off name. This affects the film. It is not a matter of giving. Dread He is mostly anti-personal and does not change or learn. Urban covers half of his head with a helmet and nails it with an ego-free performance. ” Parents

“… This is a movie that deserves the very early Dredd strip. With the violence and pressure cooker environment directed by the police state, the lean young Dredd and the complete lack of sexism and misogyny have always made Dredd a great read. The cast as a whole has nailed the restraints of the characters who live in this world. ” New Statesman

“The background is powerful enough to make some of the more quirky elements of the film look credible and to describe Judge Dread as a paragon of justice. Also, there is a fair amount of dark humor and much. In the case of, it’s a type of gallows and never looks out of place. Not many of them Dread What we have to offer is something new or groundbreaking, but the fusion of familiar elements produces a smart-paced, suspenseful 90 minutes that is significantly improved over the 1995 movie. Will be … ” Reel view

“Travis filming is his gift of being clean, fast-paced, and providing a horrifying sight without any noticeable effort, and in fact he can find a visual rhapsody in the barbaric. This film can not only be color and clarity, but also certain tensions that define the art of comic books, in the dialogue between the freeze-like idiosyncrasies of individual images and the place that is constantly in a hurry. Filled with realistic framing and shots. Inevitably a series of descriptive illustrations. ” This island rod

“Severe, grainy, super-violent, Dread Revive the disappointed 1995 Sylvester Stallone Stirrer, the gloomy brutality that was lacking on the screen out in front of the British comic icon Judge Dredd..Dramatic reboot like Christopher Nolan Batman BeginsThis hard R sci-fi action writer, directed by Pete Travis and screenwriter Alex Garland, should find viewers among serious fanboys and Gorehounds … ” variety

“… The behavior is going well, especially considering the cramped places. Shootouts are handled properly and always keep the camera stationary. This is a plus. Plenty of gusset.Heads explode, hands explode, people peel alive, bullets pass through cheekbones […] Due to the graininess of art direction and the old school side of action choreography, flicks often feel more 90’s than the Stallone version. ” Video vacuum

“I’m fine with violence in the movies. In fact, I’d rather enjoy the thrill of its internal organs, but suddenly it can be very irresponsible if you don’t have the meat to chew or anything to think about. Violence Dredd 3D It’s an impressive illness (I’ve never seen a long-lasting machine gun blow a man’s head into pieces), but nothing more, and I feel guilty about having fun. ” We covered this

“One of the smartest things about Garland’s script is to eliminate comedy attempts. One of the original problems in 1995 was bringing Rob Schneider to lighten the tone. This re. The gritty, super-violent nature of the launch is the source material and Olivia Thirlby (Darkest time) It’s a much better supporting role than Rob Schneider. ” Evil horror

“”Dredd 3D It’s a kind of movie that flirts about law and order from a fascist point of view, but rarely admits it, firing ammunition at heroes one after another without explaining how to rarely hit. If this movie was a little clever or a little annoying, it might have been more fun. ” Wrap

Cast and Character:

Karl Urban … Judge Dredd
Rachel Wood … Control Operator 1
Andile Mngadi… Passengers
Porteus Xandau… Driver
Jason Corp … Zwillner
Emma Breski … Hostage
Olivia Serby … Anderson
Lucky Ayora … Chief Judge
Lena Headey … Mama
Tamer Burjaq… Ma-Ma Bodyguard
Warwick Grier … Caleb
Wood Harris … Kay
Shokimokugapa … A woman with a child
Johann Chun … Girl by the window
Eden Knowles … Window Girl
Desmond Dry Run … Homeless man
Deobia Opalei … Paramedic TJ
Patrick Lister … Control Operator 2
Travis Snaders … Slo-Mo Junkie
Chad Philips … Slo-Mo Junkie
Domhnall Gleeson… Clan Techie
Jovas … Big Joe
Scott Sparrow … Jaffet
Martin Kintu … Big Joe Gang Member
Nicole Bailey … Cathy
Daniel Hadebe … Judge at the entrance
Francis Sholar … Judge at the entrance
Junior Shingo … Amos
Luke Tyler … Friel
Langley Kirkwood … Judge Rex
Edwin Perry … Judge Alvarez
Karl Tanning … Judge Chan
Michele Levin … Judge Kaplan

Shooting location:

Cape Town Film Studio, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
Oriental City Shopping Center, Colindale, London, United Kingdom

Technical details:

95 minutes
3D stereoscopic
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1
Audio: Datasat | Dolby Digital | Dolby Atmos | DTS (DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1) | DTS (DTS 11.1 Neo: X)

box office:

Dread With a budget of $ 30 to $ 45 million, we received $ 41.5 million in theaters worldwide and spent an estimated $ 20 million on DVD and Blu-ray residuals.


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DREDD (2012) Review and Summary

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