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From one New Orleans Saints Quarterbacks are perfect for another person. in short, Jameis Winston, The baton has already been handed over and Winston is in the race.

Former player and current analyst Drew Brees recently praised Winston’s growth as a quarterback in part of ESPN’s “Manning Cast.” Breeze joined Peyton and Eli Manning later in the game on Monday night in Saints. To be honest, Breeze was the best part of the viewing experience.

Here’s what Breeze had to say about Winston’s improvement in 2021:

Among all the issues plagued by this year’s saint’s attack, Jameis Winston is surprisingly No One of them. He achieved 19-of-35 with a grudge victory over Seattle with 22 yards and one score. And, as embarrassing as this says, he didn’t make many turnover-prone decisions in this game.

In fact, Winston had some of the best throws of the season. Instead, his wide acceptance corps (* Cough * Smith) disappointed him with what was supposed to be a much more dominant show from the team that took a rest for just a week.

Drew Brees gave his compliment to New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston on Monday night

As Breeze points out, Winston really “has come a long way.” Transformed from a super-responsible player who recorded 30 picks in 2019.

He got himself in Sean Payton’s kennel early in the season for some nasty throws, but even if he didn’t play his best offensive game against Seattle. , He didn’t do his worst thing.

On Monday’s score, Winston made 13 touchdowns to 3 intercepts. We speak for the general public when we say this year is a much better record than everyone ever expected.

Breeze, who praises Winston’s development, gives off Miyagi’s main mood, but unfortunately, Breeze does not personally train Winston to be the elite and credible quarterback that saints need. can not. Winston is alone — literally he was alone in the field and without help from his receiving corps.

Still, it’s great that Breeze is watching Jameis Winston and Saints in 2021.

For even more heartwarming news, Breeze kids appeared on the camera during the game and greeted Brother Manning.. After such a hair-pulling saint game? Definitely the highlight of our Monday night.

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Drew Brees sent a faint praise to Jameis Winston Drew Brees sent a faint praise to Jameis Winston

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