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WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is arguably one of the company’s most devastating finishing operations. A claymore kick usually means the end of the match and ensures his victory.

McIntyre recently spoke to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in his latest episode. Broken skull session.. Various topics were exchanged in the interview. In it, Steve Austin asked McIntyre how he devised the Claymore kick.

The WWE Champion revealed that he came up with the last move during his time as a member of 3MB.

“I brought it thanks to 3MB. The biggest thing 3MB gave me was Claymore. If you remember the beginning of 3MB, we certainly didn’t outsource them, so we’re in the office Had super tight leather trousers made by. “

McIntyre added how his 3MB leather trousers helped him come up with a claymore kick. The WWE Championship had to adjust the other leg when trying to hit a big trunk for leather trousers, and eventually he hit the current finisher.

“I was running around in tight rock’n’roll pants in the 80’s and running to put on my boots in the first match with those leather pants. As I was running, I raised my boots and noticed. “Oh, these things will split in the crotch.” I didn’t want my crotch to crack, so I kicked my other leg up and knocked out my opponent and at the same time knocked myself out. It’s as if I got up, did a maneuver, then did an arm ringer, let go of my arms, walked across the ring, tagged, and fell to the floor because it was ridiculous. Going back, someone pulled me aside and said, “If you can do that move without killing yourself, you have something cool there.” And I worked on it, worked on it, and used it as part of 3MB as a big operation I use, but it was created for those tight leather trousers. “

McIntyre succeeded in defending his title against AJ Styles and The Miz at WWE TLC. We have to see what’s next for the WWE Champion.

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Drew McIntyre about his thoughts on claymore kicks Drew McIntyre about his thoughts on claymore kicks

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