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Drew McIntyre has been one of the top superstars across WWE and has been competing with the best and best of the company. He is also a former WWE Champion because he won the title on two different occasions. Drew McIntyre has also recently been furious at the burial of a RAW superstar.

Drew McIntyre was already interested in playing against a Rated R superstar in the match as the WWE Hall of Fame Edge returned earlier this year, but he doesn’t seem to have changed his mind about it. .. He definitely wants to fight Edge in the end.

Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Sportskeyda Wrestling to discuss his interest in facing Edge.

“I can’t wait for it to happen. I’ve been waiting for a very long time. I have to say I’m a little disappointed that he didn’t choose Drew McIntyre and the WWE Championship for the match lately. It was pointed out that his match at SmackDown was the first match in about 10 years. His last match was against young Drew McIntyre. “

“Look back at the time and look back at how things were different. Like he was a heavyweight champion. He stood at the top of the world. What do I do to get myself a title shot? And you fast forward to today with Edge making his return. I’m the WWE Champion. I’m the top of the world. And he makes himself a WWE Championship shot. So I would have done anything to do. So the story is writing itself. We have a lot of history together. When that happens, it will be great. “

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Drew McIntyre “Disappointment” WrestleMania Edge Drew McIntyre “Disappointment” WrestleMania Edge

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