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Goldberg, inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, made a shocking return at RAW Legend Night earlier this month. He challenged the WWE Championship Drew McIntyre in pay-per-view at Royal Rumble.

In the Goldberg promotion, Drew McIntyre said he downplayed the WWE legend that came before him. But that wasn’t the case, as McIntyre made no negative statements about the WWE legend.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Barthur Raslin. There he said Goldberg had failed the promotion on Monday night’s RAW.

McIntyre said he was the literal defender of the legend from legendary killer Randy Orton. He added that he didn’t believe what Goldberg said.

Now, I’m literally the man who kept the legend from the legendary killer Randy Orton.I left it to him[Goldberg] And the world knows that Camon doesn’t say stupid things. Let’s treat this like real life. The truth was that I didn’t believe what you said. I don’t think you believe what you said.

According to other reports, WWE didn’t have enough time to shoot a segment that showed McIntyre disrespecting the WWE legend, so the company decided to ad-lib his promotion to Goldberg. I wanted it.

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Drew McIntyre reacts to Goldberg’s Promo Bocchi Drew McIntyre reacts to Goldberg’s Promo Bocchi

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