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2020 WWE Slammy Award

R-Truth emerged from a limousine outside the WWE Storage Center. He wonders where everyone is, but says the show must continue. He is the only one in a dark room with a podium, surrounded by WWE superstars and legendary cardboard cutouts.

  • This year’s male superstar: Drew McIntyre

Award given by Shawn Michaels. McIntyre received his first Slammy Award from his home and pretended to be a winner and talked about how he ran around as a kid. He joked about running around low with a giant sword in one hand and a slamy in the other.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart talked about his memories of the 1987 Slammy Awards, his favorite Slammy Awards, and danced on stage with Jim “Anvil” Nadart and Honky Tonkman.

  • Ring Gear of the Year: New day

Award given by Snooky. First accepted by Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. “As long as we’re stuck in your throat, we’ll keep looking!” They pitched it to Big E, who ridiculed that it was New Day’s first Slammy Award I advertised it. He dedicates it to people!

An award given by Mick Foley from his winter hut here and here. Foley received the award on behalf of Edge, who did not appear. Apparently he is working very hard on returning to the ring.

Three-time Slammy Award-winning Todd Pettengil is back from the vault to perform some clips. His favorite Slammy Awards include Owen Hart stealing trophies, singing a terrible roast about Jerry Lawler, and Daniel Bryan winning six Slammy Awards the same night in front of a local crowd. I will.

  • This year’s music performance: Elias

Award given by Method Man. Elias talked about the fact that no one else has been nominated for this award because there is no one in his league. He offers to help Method Man’s career.

  • This year’s rival: Edge vs Randy Orton

An award given by Demi Burnett who managed to escape the basement of the Performance Center to record this segment. Orton received both awards and expressed his dislike for “the three most devastating letters in sports entertainment.”

  • Female Superstar of the Year: Sasha Banks

Award awarded by Trish Stratus, a decade-old diva. Banks wasn’t surprised she won the Superstar of the Year, as she’s the SmackDown Women’s Champion and the biggest superstar in WWE today.

Beth Phoenix was awarded the Diva of the Year in 2008 and talked about fighting Melina on stage. As a result of the scrap, Santino Marella hit the ball, which was her favorite moment.

  • Breakout Star of the Year: Street Profits
  • Social Media Superstar of the Year: Bailey
  • Trash Talk of the Year: Lacey Evans and Heart Business
  • WWE Network Document of the Year: Undertaker: Last Ride
  • This year’s celebrity: Gronck
  • This year’s referee: Charles Robinson
  • This year’s Double Cross: Bailey

Awards presented by Kayla Braxton and the Bump crew. John Cone appeared many times in an attempt to steal the Referee of the Year Award and dressed like Lil Nitch to accept the award.

  • This year’s moment: The Undertaker’s final farewell

Ken Jeong, who took a funny shot of not wanting to say John Cena’s name and ridiculed Vince McMahon’s “You’re Fired!”, Presented the award generously. Grunt. More seriously, he also thanked everyone behind and in front of the camera for entertaining him and his fans during this tough year. The Undertaker thanked the fans for supporting him and holding his back for the past 30 years. He said it was humble that his final appearance as an undertaker would be voted for as the best moment of the year at WWE, and thanked everyone who helped organize the show. ..

Michelle McCool talked about winning the Diva of the Year in 2010, her relationship with Leila, and what that meant for the women’s division at the time.

  • This year’s tag team: Street Profits

Awards from Clarke Duke of The Office and HotTub Time Machine. The Street Profits thanked the fans and God and said they were still very lucky and blessed to do what they were doing and entertain the world.

Daniel Bryan talked about winning six Slammy Awards in 2013. He joked about winning the Superstar of the Year and asked the producer what to say if he won, and they didn’t believe he had a chance to win.

  • This year’s match: Bone yard match

Modern Family Rico Rodriguez and Disney Channel sister Raini Rodriguez and Paul Blart: Mall Copp’s award. AJ style Thanking you for winning the award, he said he would probably only receive 25% of the credit, as the Undertaker deserves the rest.Undertaker

  • This year’s superstar: Drew McIntyre

Award given by “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. This award always feels like a duplicate of a particular male and female Superstar of the Year award, but it’s anything. Rick was great. At least it makes sense that McIntyre won again. McIntyre was very grateful to receive this award, especially knowing that it was decided by the fans, and there were so many people doing so many great things this year.

The show ended at Bailey I’m taking pictures with her two Slammy Awards. She won six awards this year, only winning awards that no one cares about or even didn’t even know existed, so she didn’t thank her fans for anything. “Thank you for your love of my tweet, I guess … you all smoke.”

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Drew McKinitre’s comment on being selected as this year’s WWE Superstar Drew McKinitre’s comment on being selected as this year’s WWE Superstar

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